Shameful! The Worst Goalkeepers of the Season in Europe

The 2021-2022 Season of European Soccer had a High Level. However, there Were also Some Players who did not Measure Up..

Fernando Pacheco and Sergio Romero

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The best team in Europe in the 2021-2022 season was Real Madrid, the current winner of the UEFA Champions League and also of La Liga de España. The truth is that this institution had a high level in all its lines, but there was one position that stood out from all the others: the goalkeeper.

Belgian goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois was Real Madrid's hero in the final against Liverpool, as he was able to make a large number of decisive saves. However, throughout the entire season, he also showed an enormous level, which allows him to be considered one of the best goalkeepers in the world today.

Now, what happens in reverse? In other words, who have been the goalkeepers with the worst performance during the current season? In this article, we will tell you who have proven not to be up to the task, as they have conceded a lot of goals during the current season.

Fernando Pacheco

Fernando Pacheco has been, perhaps, the worst goalkeeper in La Liga. Of Spanish origin, at 30 years old he is part of the Deportivo Alavés squad, which was relegated in the current season. During this year, he made 34 appearances, but 60 goals were scored against him. Only on 6 occasions was he able to achieve a clean sheet.

In other words, in his more than 3,000 minutes on the field, he did not know how to live up to expectations. It is true that the team did not accompany him either, but the benchmark of the Spanish team will have to improve his level, especially if he signs for another team. It is clear that he is very well valued in this team, but he seems to be far from his best version.

Tim Krull

Tim Krul was also not up to the task in the Premier League. The 34-year-old Dutch goalkeeper, who is currently part of Norwich City, was in 29 games during the current season. However, his performance was really very low, since he scored about 62 goals.

Only in 5 games was he able to keep the fence undefeated and he was one of the main reasons for Norwich City's relegation, since he started in 76% of the games. Although he is considered for the Netherlands National Team, it is clear that his level has been in a tailspin and he will have to overcome it for the following year.

Ben Foster

Another of the goalkeepers who played a leading role in a team relegated from the Premier League. At 39, the English goalkeeper was part of the Watford FC squad, which ended up being relegated to second. He had 68% appearances in the starting eleven, with 26 total games and 49 goals conceded.

He had only 4 games with a clean sheet, but in almost all his appearances he showed insecurity, something logical for his 39 years and his diminished reflexes. His contract ended recently, because from Watford they will look for more youth in this position, to achieve greater defensive security.

Sergio Romero

Sergio Romero was, for some years, an undisputed member of the Argentine National Team, until Franco Armani and Emiliano Martínez arrived. In this sense, Romero had been part of great clubs, such as Manchester United or Monaco, although he had never established himself as an undisputed starter.

Well, in the middle of last season, he arrived at Venezia in search of minutes. The result was quite negative, as the Italian team lost the category and he was part of 52% of the matches. He was present in 16 games, where he scored 33 goals and could only have an undefeated goal in 3 games. It will be difficult for him to return to Argentina or to the European elite.

Benoit Costil

Perhaps the worst goalkeeper of the current season. The 34-year-old Frenchman was part of FC Girondins de Bordeaux in France, which was relegated this season. With 66% of appearances, he was part of 25 games and 62 goals were converted. In addition, he could not keep the fence at zero in any case.

The truth is that Girondins de Bordeaux was, by far, the team that scored the most goals last season in the main European leagues, as they converted 91 goals. To face the following season, already in a lower category, from the French institution they decided to do without their services, with the aim of improving the defensive zone.

In short, you already know the worst goalkeepers in Europe in 2022. We hope this article has been of interest to you!