Beyond Karol G and Anahí: The 7 Best Music Celebrity Crossovers

The magic of music is capable of giving us epic moments between celebrities. Regarding the crossover duet between Karol G and Anahí, we review some of the best live crossovers.

Karol G with Anahí, from RBD

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Whether at concerts, award ceremonies or festivals, artists always give their best to give their audience a unique moment . We are talking about special scenarios for these celebrities to have unexpected meetings and have the most special guests, thus making their shows among the most remembered in the history of music. This 2022 has not been the exception and, precisely, Karol G has earned even more people's admiration with those details.

The Colombian singer is on tour through several Latin American countries with her Bichota Tour Reloaded, with the novelty that she always has a special guest on stage to surprise her audience. For example, during his presentation in Buenos Aires, she did a crossover with the iconic ska band La Mosca, singing the song "Para No Verte Más". However, the meeting that has caused the most fury happened days later at the Mexico City Arena.

And it is that after more than a decade of absence, Karol G brought Anahí, a former member of the RBD group, back to a concert. Both artists surprised those present - who did not stop applauding - and sang "Sálvame", one of the most emblematic songs of the band. For the Colombian, it was a dream come true to share the stage with the Mexican, since it was part of her growth and a reference in her artistic career, as she confessed. Without a doubt, an emotional moment that will be part of the history of music crossovers.

Other unforgettable examples

Music is capable of everything, even the most unthinkable. Throughout history, we have witnessed the best collaborations between celebrities, some stranger than others, but ultimately they have the same goal: to entertain the public. Being present at a concert is something special, and it is even more special when the artist on duty surprises on stage with a special guest.

Below you will find a list of 7 moments that marked history in the music industry. Do you remember some of these crossovers?

1. Michael Jackson and Britney Spears

September 2001. Madison Square Garden was the venue chosen for Michael Jackson to celebrate his 30 years of artistic career, and for this, he had an interesting list of musical figures of the time. But without a doubt, the most special and transcendental moment of the night happened when Britney Spears accompanied him on stage. The king and princess of pop performed "The Way You Make Me Feel," the first and only time they've collaborated together.

2. Eminem and Elton John

The closing of the 2001 Grammy gala is one of the most remembered in the history of music. At that time, Eminem was involved in controversies for his homophobic language in his songs, so the producer of that installment, Ken Ehrlich, came up with the idea of putting him together with an icon of the LGBT+ movement like Elton John. Both sang the song "Stan" and caused a great impact worldwide, plus that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship between the artists.

3. Paul McCartney, Linkin Park and Jay-Z

At another Grammy Awards, this time in 2006, the performances had a never-before-seen variety among celebrities. One of those that went down in history both for its good reception and for its strangeness, was the crossover of the former member of The Beatles with the rapper and the alternative rock band. The latter was on stage singing "Numb/Encore" when towards the end the rhythm was slowly replaced by a piano melody, with Paul appearing to sing "Yesterday" alongside Chester Bennington.

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4. Juan Luis Guerra and Romeo Santos

2013 marked a special moment for lovers of bachata. One of the pioneers of the genre like Juan Luis appeared before 50,000 people at the Olympic stadium in Santo Domingo, the place he chose to record his live album "A son de Guerra Tour". There he made a new version of "Frío Frío", a song that had the collaboration of Romeo Santos to the surprise of those present. Since then, the artistic relationship between the two grew and five years later they recorded the song "Carmín".

5. Coldplay and Shakira

The 2017 Global Citizen Festival held in Hamburg, Germany, experienced one of the most remembered moments in the history of the music industry and one of the most special for the Latin community. The English band was one of the many guests and its vocalist, Chris Martin, took the stage from Barranquilla to perform one of the most brilliant crossovers of the last decade. Among the songs they performed are "Yellow", "A Sky Full of Stars", "Blackmail" and "Me Enamoré".

6. Daddy Yankee, De La Ghetto, Zion & Lennox, Yandel, Ozuna and J Balvin

The urban genre is where we probably see more collaborations between luxury artists, but without a doubt, it was during the Lo Nuestro Awards 2019 gala that we saw the biggest and best reggaeton crossover. On the occasion of paying tribute to the artistic career of Daddy Yankee, a figure who inspired the new generations, several exponents appeared to sing hits such as "Gasolina", "Rompe" or "Ella Me Levantó". In addition to Yankee, De La Ghetto, Zion & Lennox, Yandel, Ozuna and J Balvin also sang.

7. Maluma and Madonna

Not only Karol G has been talked about in this 2022. At the beginning of the year, his compatriot Maluma appeared again in Medellín eleven years later to perform his best hits in a three-hour event. Among the guests of the event, the appearance on the stage of Madonna was immensely surprising, thus delighting the public with a presentation full of sensual dances, interpreting the songs "Medellín" and "Music".