Have you seen "Persuasion" on Netflix? These are the 5 Best Adaptations of Jane Austen

In 1940, the first Jane Austen book was Made Into a Movie. Eight Decades Later, Netflix Premieres 'Persuasion', yet Another Adaptation. Why is the English Writer so Attractive to Directors? Here we Recommend the 5 Best Adaptations of Jane Austen.

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As with William Shakespeare, it turns out to be a mystery why Jane Austen's work is so attractive to the world of cinema. Her influence is so great that it could be said that her work is the backbone of what we could call pop culture today.

Considering that the most celebrated author of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, she is known for her free and indirect speech through each of her characters. Her work can be attractive because with that style, the directors could feel more comfortable to leave their own manifesto with each of the adaptations. Also, a key factor in all her stories is melodrama, which is the basis of her stories, almost always with middle or upper class female protagonists.

Another theme that will never go out of style in humanity will be hypocrisy. This factor makes each of Jane Austen's books easy to reference in today's age. If hypocrisy still exists and identifies us, there is no better weapon than irony to represent it in every situation or in every character. Irony as a style is a fundamental part of the stamp of the English writer and that could make her transcend throughout history in cinema, theater and even in music.

The most fascinating thing may be that Jane Austen's work manages to impact by transgressing cultures and generations. Proof of this is the success of the 1940 film 'Pride and Prejudice'; or we also saw how Mexican cinema was based on 'Sense and Sensitivity' to make 'From Prada to Nada' in 2011. Two different generations and two different cultures based on the work of the writer.

Now it is Netflix that will try another adaptation of 'Persuasion'. It is the typical Austen melodrama with the story of a woman who is reunited with the love of her life 8 years after being convinced not to marry him, and from there the story follows.

Here are the 5 best Jane Austen movies adapted.

5. 'Sense and Sensibility' (1995)

It has been the most successful film based on Jane Austen's work. It won the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay and also highlights Emma Thompson as the protagonist and screenwriter. The film revolves around a melodramatic story starring two sisters who find themselves in very paradoxical romantic situations after being left at the mercy of a stepbrother with their mother after the death of their father in the 19th century. The film is based on the author's book of the same name.

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4. 'Pride and Prejudice' (2005)

It is one of the freshest versions of Jane Austen's most widely read book. Also recreated in the 19th century, the story revolves around the five Bennett sisters. They are all looking for a husband, and they see this possible thanks to the fact that the tycoon named Bingley becomes a neighbor of the sisters. Lizzie, the most ambitious of the sisters, tries to meet him, but is snubbed by his personality.

3. 'Emma' (1996)

This film has the characteristic of having competed with "Sense and Sensibility" in style. Whereas the film released a year ago omitted Austen's trademark indirect free speech, Emma did the opposite. In this story we have a rich woman who lives with her widowed father, whose most significant company is that of her governess, but when she decides to marry the life of the wealthy young woman is left in limbo. That's why he gives a new focus to his life.

2. 'Pride and Prejudice' (1940)

This film is perhaps the most important of the Jane Austen adaptations. It was the first story adapted from her that reached the theaters. Since then, dozens of titles have come in different countries. In that year, the film won the Oscar for Best Art Direction.

1. 'Love and Friendship' (2016)

Despite not having any impact at the Oscars, this is the best-reviewed Jane Austen movie adapted, according to Metacritic. This is the adaptation of "Lady Susan" and its protagonist moves to the family estate to avoid rumors about his reputation and also to marry his daughter.