What is the Reason for the Exponential Growth of Star +?

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Like its logo, Star + has Seen Growth Comparable to that of a Shooting Star. Specialized in Content for Adult Audiences, this Platform Continues to Position Itself in the Latin American Market.

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A couple of years ago, Netflix was seen as the only lighthouse in the content of audiovisual productions by 'streaming'. Now we see a more even war thanks to Disney +, whose success also depends on the growth of Star +, at least in Latin America.

On August 30 of last year, Star + was launched for Latin America, despite the fact that it was already present independently in the United States, Canada and Europe. The alliance with Disney has made the platform a team that seems unbeatable in the future, since both complement each other.

Star + is known for targeting an adult audience. It contains all the content that previously belonged to Fox, and has also managed to monopolize the market for live sports streaming.

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How is Star + different from the others?

Generally, Netflix, Disney + or Prime Video usually host a special children's section separately. Star + does not have it. In fact, in its alliance with Disney +, for those who obtain the combo they have to change the settings and can have access to parental control to separate it at the time of entering.

In addition, it is one of the platforms that knows that streaming sports live is the future. Perhaps in this area, its only competition is DAZN, which has a stronger presence in Europe. Star + is, for now, an almost unique benchmark in hoarding by hosting ESPN content.

Neither Netflix, nor Prime Video, nor Disney +, which are the giants, have explored this matter. And while DAZN is a big competitor, it doesn't have the additive that Star+ does, with more diverse cinematic content.

What content does Star + bring?

One of Star +'s strengths in the future is and will be its sports offer. With ESPN's content, you will most certainly have the most important sports fans. The grid includes the international competitions of soccer clubs in Europe and South America, and the elite leagues of each region; great evenings of boxing and UFC; motorcycling and motor racing with Formula 1 and Moto GP; in addition to the American leagues such as the NBA, MLB or NFL; and the most important tennis and cycling tournaments.

In the cinematographic field, Star + hosts the complete catalog of 20th Century. This includes animated comedies like 'The Simpsons', 'Family Guy' or 'Futurama'. That's complemented by robust content from production companies like Freeform, Hulu, Searchlight Pictures, Touchstone Pictures, ABC Signature, FX and Hollywood Pictures.

To conclude, Star + knows that the basis of success in the world of streaming is to have its own content, and that is why it has at least 66 exclusive productions that are broadcast in Latin America.

Latino content

The exclusive offer that Star + has for Latin America is varied. In it, we find drama, romance or comedy. Among the most outstanding Latin American productions lately is "Santa Evita", inspired by the story of Eva Perón, former first lady of Argentina.

However, there are also series such as "El Clan" from Argentina, "Insania" from Brazil, the Mexican melodrama entitled "La Vida Inmoral de la Pareja Ideal" or the most renowned: which is the Colombian "Cumbia Ninja".

Star + is the ideal platform for an adult audience that knows what to expect when browsing it. In addition to the specific offer, the platform has been practical in allying itself with Disney + in Latin America. In this way, the user can have two almost opposite worlds in one, without having to choose which of the two worlds to sacrifice.