Yankees and Cowboys Among the Most Expensive Teams in the World

The NFL Cowboys Became the most Expensive Professional team in the World a few Days ago after Surpassing the Yankees who had Become the Leaders of the Line when 2022 Began.

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Despite not winning a Super Bowl since 1995, the famous Dallas Cowboys franchise is today the most valuable professional sports club on the planet thanks to a strategy by its owner Jerry Jones that allowed them to return to the top in that section, ahead of the New York Yankees, the famous Major League organization that disputed that seat several years ago.

Jerry Jones, owner of the Texan NFL team, has been characterized as one of the most important businessmen in the United States. Although his new positioning strategy was not specified, Mundo Deportivo recalls how the tycoon made the Cowboys the first NFL franchise to have a sponsorship with a cryptocurrency portal.

The list published by the specialized portal Sportico assured that at least 16 NFL franchises exceed 4 billion dollars, with the current champions Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots completing the top 3 teams with the highest value. In it, there are also teams from Major League Baseball (MLB), National Basketball Association (NBA) and, outside the United States, three elevenths of European soccer.

The success of the NFL is based on the strength of its league, television rights, wages and working conditions, organizational character, and the marketing that the Super Bowl generates. In addition, the circuit is highly competitive in which it is very difficult for any franchise to establish hegemony, even winning two titles in three seasons is very complex. For this reason, a good number of members of this competition always appear in the top 10 and 20 of the most powerful clubs.

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Something very similar happens with the other prestigious professional leagues in the United States, such as the MLB and the NBA, but the difference is that they have more difficulties with their unions to establish salary caps and rules.

In the case of European soccer, it does not have more teams on this list due to this trend of distribution of rights more inclined towards certain teams than others, except for England. In addition, its main leagues do not present great changes over the years, since the domestic titles are usually obtained by the same clubs. Similar situation with continental competitions.

How much are they worth?

Today, the Cowboys of the controversial and talented quarterback Dak Prescott are worth 7.64 billion dollars, surpassing the 6.30 million dollars of the Yankees, who had started 2022 at the top of this list. The list highlights, above all, NFL teams, because if the value of all the teams in this circuit is added, they reach a total of 132 billion.

The aforementioned Spanish media explained that Sportico conducted interviews with bankers, team executives, owners, consultants and lawyers to obtain the necessary information for this balance. It also took into account different public documents.

It must be remembered that at the beginning of the year the situation was the other way around, because the 'The Bronx Bombers' led at that time with 7.1 million as the most expensive team ahead of the 6.92 of the Cowboys leaving the New York Knicks of the NBA with 6.12 as third in the order.

Real Madrid and Manchester United with values of 4.8 and 4.2, respectively, are currently the first two teams outside the United States with the privilege of belonging to this list. At the top, we must also mention the Boston Red Sox, valued at 5.07 billion, and the Los Angeles Dodgers, at 4.89.

The pandemic helped

El Informador of México assured that since 2020 - the year the pandemic began - the 50 teams on that year's list came mostly from four sports: Football (26), basketball (9), soccer (9) and baseball (6), all of which were and are fueled by ever-increasing television and media rights deals.

According to the publication of the aforementioned Mexican newspaper, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, "the average value of the 50 most valuable sports teams has increased by 9.9% compared to last year, to $3.4 billion, 55% more than five years ago".

The most up-to-date top 10 of the most powerful clubs is complemented by the Cowboys and Yankees, New York Knicks, New England Patriots, Los Angeles Rams, Golden State Warriors, Real Madrid, Los Angeles Lakers, Bayern Munich (German Bundesliga) and the mentioned Manchester United.