A Closer Look at "Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero"

What did the new "Dragon Ball Super" movie leave us? Did it live up to its predecessor? .

Still from the movie 'Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero'

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In a moment of peace, The Red Ribbon Army returns, led by Magenta, the son of Commander Red. Their mission is to redevelop androids to conquer the world, this time led by Dr. Hedo. How did the Z Fighters do this time, in a worse situation than when Cell showed up and Goku was dead?

The plot of "Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero" is very simple. However, this allows it to have developed in such an interesting way. Piccolo takes command of the Z Fighters, being the most experienced of those on Earth at the time. For his part, Gohan is once again pushed to the limit to beat his old rival, Cell Max.

And this is just the beginning, as fascinating topics such as family and the true meaning of being a hero are explored, without neglecting the battles so characteristic of the saga. What did the new "Dragon Ball Super" movie leave us? Did it live up to its predecessor?

A New Generation of Heroes and Villains

Despite having an old known villain within the saga, "Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero" feels fresh. It's mainly because the story is being carried this time around by the successors of the characters who were first involved in the first part of the series, and it works pretty well.

The new Red Ribbon Army is very well-thought-out. Magenta is a typical and effective leader in the world of Dragon Ball; Dr. Hedo is just an inexperienced young man with dubious morals, and androids Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 are classic models of a well-rounded duo. Thanks to this, the villains don't feel repetitive.

Of course, the fact that Goku and Vegeta are not there is a very interesting factor. The audience was already getting tired of Goku taking care of everything and saving the day. That weight fell mainly on Gohan, although Piccolo was fully involved from the start.

Who Was the Real Hero?

The title makes a direct allusion to Gohan, who reached his maximum peak of power so far and saved the day when all seemed lost. However, there is actually much more to being a true hero.

In the beginning, we get to know Dr. Hedo well, who is an admirer of heroes and would be interested in building androids. It's exciting how these androids would help eliminate the supposed evil that Capsule Corporation and Team Z represent, "the greatest heroes on earth", at least from Dr. Hedo's perspective.

Then we have Gohan, who was out of shape for years. She devoted herself completely to her studies and neglected the rest of her duties, to the point where Pan would be taken care of by Piccolo most of the time. And this is not to mention his role as a Z Fighter. So he is really a superhero even though he has transformed and saved the world?

This is where Piccolo comes in, a character who had been a bit forgotten in the franchise. He is the one in charge of everything here: he takes care of Pan just like he did with Gohan, he deciphers the plans of the Red Patrol, he gets a means to become strong, and he is the main opponent in the battle against Cell Max.

Piccolo is not the one who deals the last blow to the villain, but he is the one who directs the entire battle. It's very interesting how he becomes the leader throughout the movie to stop the Red Patrol again.

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How Does this Movie Sit in the World of Dragon Ball?

Despite being set in "Dragon Ball Super", it is unclear when “Super Hero” takes place. Gohan seems to have been out of training for many years, Pan has a close relationship with Piccolo, and we see Goten and Trunks grown up. There doesn't seem to be any real continuity regarding the series, which feels good because it gave Akira Toriyama more room to explore.

On the other hand, its plot is relatively complex and well grounded. It is very reminiscent of the appearance of the Red Ribbon Army for the first time in "Dragon Ball", and then in "Dragon Ball Z", but with a new twist: the moral dilemmas of the Gamma generate empathy in the viewer, as well as Dr. Hedo.

It feels less epic than Broly's, although it is more accurate to say that it loses a lot of drama compared to the tone that the "Dragon Ball" saga usually takes. This time, they decided to create a light and interesting plot to give it a comedic feel that feels fresh.

With this lighter tone, we got a closer look at the Z Fighters' interactions than ever before. On screen, we see them as the group of family and friends that they are, thanks to gestures that older fans will appreciate. Bulma tells Piccolo about her preferences; Android 18 shows concern for others, and Goten and Trunks act like cousins, etc.

However, this does not imply that the battles have been forgotten. They are epic, tense battles, full of special powers and moments that are very reminiscent of those at the beginning of the saga. The scale of power is not the same as the one seen in the previous movie, but it still keeps the suspense going, especially due to the absence of Goku and Vegeta.

A Movie for all Dragon Ball Fans

It fulfills everything that a follower of the saga could wish for: the newest will be delighted with the fights and a quite interesting plot, while the millennials will also feel the nostalgia to see how the Z Fighters interact and see the resurgence of two of the most beloved characters.

This last point is key in the Dragon Ball universe, if Super Hero were to become canon in the main story. Both Piccolo and Gohan gained enough powers to fight alongside Goku and Vegeta to defend the Earth.

It is a film that rescues the best of Dragon Ball, with a bit of fan service: the nostalgia of seeing well-known characters grow up and the incredible battles to save the Earth. "Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero" is already on Latin American billboards .