Review of "Nope": Fiction, Suspense, UFO's and Something Else

The third feature film by director Jordan Peele travels through various genres to finally leave us with a more than interesting product. No spoilers, this is our review of "Nope"

Still from the movie 'Nope'

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Horror in the cinema has several ways of being interpreted, and Jordan Peele has been able to play with it. "Nope" is his third film and much has been said about it since its first previews, due to the secrecy of the director, never seen before in his previous installments. With simple touches, the filmmaker again provokes chills and generates great expectations in the audience. What mysteries are really behind your new project?

On this occasion, the story takes us to a ranch in a remote town on the outskirts of California, owned by two brothers (OJ and Em) who are trying to keep the family business afloat. However, after the inexplicable death of their father, both will begin a crusade to find out what mystery is hidden above the skies. However, it will be disbelief that prevails when the evidence comes to light.

"Nope" is another original and ambitious work from Peele, which only continues to win praise from critics and viewers. In turn, it also means the director's reunion with actor Daniel Kaluuya, who stars in the film alongside Keke Palmer. The film also have notable appearances: Steven Yeun, Michael Wincott, Brandon Perea and Keith David.

A Visual Spectacle

If there is something that draws a lot of attention in "Nope" it is his photography. In fact, compared to the filmmaker's previous films, this is his best work (visually speaking). For this, he had Hoyte van Hoytema, renowned director of photography. Each shot is more spectacular than the last, and its beauty on a grand scale makes the ranch and its surroundings a unique place. To that feeling we must add the soundtrack, which also gives it a touch of emotion with the passing of events.

Certainly, when we talk about Jordan Peele, we always associate him with the horror genre, but this film lacks that terror that cinema accustomed us to. Beyond some creepy scenes, the atmosphere of tension and suspense is what takes center stage by causing disturbing moments. This is complemented by touches of comedy, capable of defusing any threat and thus leaving you waiting for when the real danger will arrive.

Likewise, it should be added that this technique would not have been possible without the good work of its protagonists. In fact, both brothers react to different situations as close as possible to real life, and not so much to Hollywood stereotypes. At this point, both Kaluuya and Palmer bring the essentials to their characters, from strength to vulnerability. Also, their different ways of looking at life are the perfect counterpart to their bond.

Overall, " Nope" is a film full of intriguing ideas that offer an exciting twist on the sci-fi genre. There will be those who say that it does not live up to the great expectations generated, but it is undoubtedly a work that will be enjoyed as long as it is not compared to Peele's previous works. Once again, it is proven that the stories of this filmmaker are a sure success.

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Jordan Peele and His Criticism of Society

Since his film debut in 2017 with "Get Out!", Jordan Peele has established himself as one of the most controversial and talented directors of recent years. And it is that if there is something that characterizes him, it is the fact that he always takes risks in his stories. It is something that does not leave the viewer indifferent, either for better or for worse.

Behind his projects, always wrapped in a cloud of terror and suspense, there is a criticism or message that he never overlooks and that seems to be his personal hallmark. In his debut feature, "Get Out!" (2017), leaves scathing social criticism about the levels of racism that are seen today. That satirical ingenuity is hidden in each tense conversation that little by little generates a dangerous situation for the protagonist. In the end, the plot gives you a lot to think about, and that's what Peele is looking for.

Two years later, "Us" (2019) confirmed what many of us already anticipated: Jordan Peele was the new master of the genre. What did he try to tell us with the story of some murderous “clones”? That in life, some have to suffer more and live in the shadows so that others have a more comfortable and pleasant life. Here he goes beyond racial discourse to focus on the society that does not care about the suffering of others in order to live more peacefully.

Finally, with "Nope" things go to another level. On this occasion, it reflects a society addicted to entertainment and that is unable to look away when there is some danger. On the contrary, show a society that looks for a way to take risks to get something to put into social networks. It is, therefore, a criticism of that thirst for sensationalism that can sometimes consume us without measuring consequences.