7 September Streaming Premieres You Must Watch

Fiction, drama, comedy and action will flood the streaming screens for the month of September. These are the 7 most anticipated premieres!

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With the arrival of September, the third quarter of the year closes. We are getting closer to the end of 2022. At this point, streaming platforms continue to prepare surprises for their subscribers and part of that strategy is to release a good number of productions. Here are the most anticipated titles from Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Hulu, Disney +, Apple TV and Netflix.

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power (September 2 - Prime Video)

This is the most ambitious and expensive series on Prime Video. It is expected to break all kinds of viewership records. Set thousands of years before the events of "The Hobbit", in these 8 episodes we will witness important events in Middle-earth such as the forging of the Rings of Power or the rise of Sauron. The universe created by the writer JRR Tolkien is here to stay.

Elvis (September 2 - HBO Max)

Its premiere in theaters was a success, and now it's time to repeat that same success in streaming. Director Baz Luhrmann is in charge of one of the best biographical dramas of the year, exploring the life and music of Elvis Presley. The plot focuses on the artist's relationship with his enigmatic manager and the dynamic they shared for more than 20 years. The film stars Austin Butler, Tom Hanks, and Olivia DeJonge, among others.

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Tell Me Lies (September 7 - Hulu)

Hulu's bet for September is this adaptation of the homonymous novel written by Carola Lovering. Here we will follow the story of Lucy and Stephen, a couple who develop an intense and toxic relationship for eight years. As explained by its own director, Meaghan Oppenheimer, this is "an exploration of the ways we undermine ourselves when we fall in love with the wrong people." It stars Grace Van Patten and Jackson White.

Pinocchio (September 8 - Disney+)

Disney follows the path of live action and this time the turn is for Pinocchio. The remake of the 1940 animated film will retell the story of the wooden puppet that shortly after comes to life thanks to the magic of a fairy. Robert Zemeckis is in charge of directing, while Tom Hanks plays Geppetto, the carpenter who created Pinocchio. Also, Benjamin Evan Ainsworth will give voice to the wooden character; Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Jiminy Cricket; and Cynthia Erivo to the Blue Fairy.

Cobra Kai (September 9 - Netflix)

One of Netflix's most successful series returns for its fifth season. Again we will see Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence in action, but above all trying to deal with the consequences of their bet during the All Valley Tournament. The dojos of both protagonists lose to the Cobra Kai, who are becoming more and more malevolent. Along with this, a mystery will also be uncovered that could bring back a villain from "Karate Kid III." The nostalgic effect of this production never ceases to amaze us.

Blonde (September 28 - Netflix)

Another biographical drama that you cannot miss. Written and directed by Andrew Dominik, this adaptation of the homonymous novel by Joyce Carol Oates focuses on one of the world's pop culture icons such as Marilyn Monroe. Ana de Armas gives life to Norma Jeane Mortensen, who after a difficult childhood becomes the most popular Hollywood actress of the fifties and sixties. However, behind all that fame she hides a series of personal problems that contrast with her appearances on screen.

The Greatest Beer Run Ever (September 30 - Apple TV)

Surely this will be the premiere that succeeds in September. Based on a true story, and later turned into a book by Joanna Molloy, US Navy veteran John Donohue takes on a challenge unthinkable to many. In the midst of the Vietnam War, he must infiltrate and track soldiers in combat to give them messages of support from their families and a beer. This comedy starring Zac Efron will touch the hearts of more than one.