Arctic Monkeys Announce New Album Ahead of Their Latin American Tour

The Arctic Monkeys will present their new album in October and will have a short tour of Latin America in November to promote their seventh project. What countries will they visit, and what is known so far about the album “The Car”?

Arctic Monkeys

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Four years have passed since the last studio work of the British band Arctic Monkeys. The Sheffield natives' sixth album, “Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino”, generated mixed reactions from both critics and fans of the group for moving away from the more rock and electric style of their previous albums. His next project promises to continue along the same lines. “The Car”, the title of their seventh album, will be published in its entirety on October 21, in time for the tour they will have in Latin American lands.

Album Background

After a series of concerts that began in August in Europe, the band, led by singer-songwriter Alex Turner, kept quiet about the release of their next album and the new songs were long in coming. Without prior announcement, on August 23 during the concert in Zurich, the band played for the first time an unreleased song entitled "I Ain't Quite Where I Think I Am". This song set off all the alarms waiting for the official announcement of the next disk.

On August 26, the group announced on their social media the title of their new collection called “The Car,” made up of a list of ten songs. The publication was accompanied by the official cover. This cover went viral worldwide. In Latin American countries such as Mexico, Argentina and Brazil, posters have been seen on the streets with the term given to cars in the respective countries.

On August 30, surprisingly, a new song by the Arctic Monkeys titled “There'd Better Be a Mirrorball” appeared on digital music platforms, the album's first single and its opening track. In the song, you can see a ballad attached to jazz and classical lounge music that characterized the band's previous project. According to the group's drummer, Matt Helders, “The Car” will follow a similar style to their previous work, which will mark the band's artistic progression.

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Latin American Tour

At the end of April, the band announced a tour of Latin America that will begin in November on Brazilian soil. It will be the band's first visit to the region after their stellar performance at the 2019 Lollapalooza festival that took place in Brazil, Argentina and Chile, where they have had a spectacular reception over the years. This tour will allow Latin American fans to hear the new songs first-hand, as they will be the first to hear the songs live after the release of the album.

The tour will begin on November 4 at the Jeunesse Arena in Rio de Janeiro, with a solo act with Interpol as the opening band. This kicks off a series of three concerts in the country that will conclude on November 8. In addition, they will be the main act of the Primavera Sound festival both in Brazil (November 5) and in Chile and Argentina on November 12 and 13, respectively.

Other countries that will have the visit of the British will be Paraguay (November 10), as stars of the Kilk Fest; and Peru, where they will have a solo performance (November 15) They will conclude their time in the southern cone on November 17 in Colombia, as a solo act accompanied by singer-songwriter Father John Misty as opening act.

The last leg of the Latin American tour will be in Mexico, where they will headline the Corona Capital festival on November 20. This concert will mark the end of the tour of the continent and will be the last before a month of rest prior to his departure for Australian lands for a series of recitals between the end of December and mid-January.