South American Games: Everything You Need to Know About It

The South American Games are approaching and it is a good opportunity to understand a little more about this series of competitions. Here we tell you about it!

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The 2022 South American Games are a competition that will be held between October 1 and October 15, 2022. Officially called the XII South American Games Asunción 2022, they will be held in this city of Paraguay. It is estimated that some 7,000 different athletes from ODESUR member countries will attend.

In case you didn't know, ODESUR is made up of Argentina, Aruba, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, and Venezuela. So, this competition created by the South American Sports Organization (ODESUR) depends on the Pan American Sports Organization (ODEPA).

But that is not all: also, being organized in Paraguay, they are under the control of the Government of Mario Abdo Benítez. Also, the Paraguayan Olympic Committee and the National Sports Secretariat will manage the entire event, so that it can come out in the best possible way.

The Main Competitions of the 2022 South American Games

And what will be the main competitions? They will be divided into 4 different cities: Asunción, Luque, Mariano Roque Alonso and Encarnación. We detail what will happen in each one:

Asunción – Sports Park:

  • SND Arena - Figure Skating, Handball
  • Block 1 - Boxing, Weightlifting
  • Block 2 - Judo, Taekwondo
  • Block 3 - Karate, Fight
  • National Squash Center - Squash
  • Paraguayan Volleyball Federation - Volleyball
  • Gymnastics Pavilion - Artistic Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Trampoline Gymnastics
  • Paraguayan Table Tennis Federation - Fencing, Table Tennis

Asunción – Other venues:

  • Bahía de Asunción - Canoeing speed, Cycling route, Rowing, Athletics
  • National Aquatics Center - Diving, Swimming, Artistic Swimming, Water Polo
  • Costanera José Asunción Flores - Road cycling, Skating races
  • León Condou Stadium - Badminton, Basketball
  • President Hotel - Chess*n 1​
  • Urban Park - MTB Cycling

Luque – Olympic Park:

  • Los Pynandi World Cup Stadium - Beach Soccer
  • Bochodrome - Bocce
  • National Hockey Center - Field Hockey
  • National Center for Speed ​​Skating - Skating races
  • National Archery Center - Archery
  • Olympic Training Center - Handball, Futsal
  • Soccer Complex - Soccer
  • Heroes of Curupayty Stadium - Rugby
  • BMX Track - BMX Freestyle Cycling, BMX Racing Cycling
  • Athletics Track - Athletics
  • Urban Sports Center - Basketball 3x3, Bodybuilding
  • Skatepark - Skateboarding
  • Shooting Stand - Sports Shooting
  • Velodrome - Track cycling

Luque – Other venues:

  • Rakiura Resort - Tennis

Mariano Roque Alonso:

  • Paraguayan Equestrian Club - Equestrian


  • Playa San José - Open water aquatics, Water skiing, Triathlon, Sailing

The News and the Most Important of these Games of Asunción 2022

All these sports will be the main attractions this year. It should be noted that one of the competitions that will attract the most attention will be football. In case you didn't know, there will be both male and female. The rosters are always youth, which is why you will not see players of an advanced age.

And who are the countries with the best chance of obtaining the title? The Argentine team is always very powerful, both in the male and female variant. Brazil could be the great candidate for both versions, while both Colombia and the host (Paraguay) could surprise, especially in the men's.

It should be noted that in these new South American Games some sports will not be present. For example, the modern pentalon, the Basque ball and the racquetball will not be part of it, compared to the edition that took place 4 years ago in Cochabamba, Bolivia. However, there are 5 new competitions, in addition to 2 in exhibition mode.

Well, they include bocce ball, freestyle cycling, bodybuilding, beach soccer, and skateboarding. All of these are disciplines that are of great interest to the youngest and that, particularly in our region, have been growing over the years. For this reason, it is not surprising that they have a space in this contest.

In addition, in terms of exhibition, both chess and paddle tennis will be added. No explanation was given as to why they won't fit into the competition format, but it's possible that it's a kind of "test" to see how it works. And, in such a case, in 4 years they could be part of the official grid.

Well, all this shows us that the 2022 South American Games can be one of the most interesting in history , thanks to all the news that will be present this year. Do not miss the inauguration, which will have special shows, with guest artists such as the Argentine, Tini. Enjoy it!