Shakira Sings to Broken Heart Again with Her New Song "Monotonía"

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"Monotonia", her latest song, shows us a Shakira that we haven't seen for a long time: the one that sings to spite and that makes relationships problematic .


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LatinAmerican Post | July Vanesa López Romero

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This Wednesday Shakira released her new single "Monotonía" in collaboration with Puerto Rican singer Ozuna. The song was accompanied by a video that goes hand in hand with the theme of the song: a relationship that, worn out by monotony, ended up destroying the heart of one of its parts.

The Colombian has gone through a very difficult 2022. After 12 years of relationship and two children, she separated from Gerard Piqué in a very mediatic way. In addition, it has had to deal with the alleged tax evasion, of which it has been pointed out by the Spanish authorities. It seems that this has served as an inspiration for Shakira, who in September of this year said that “this is probably the darkest time of my life”.

What Is Behind "Monotonía"?

The single is a bachata that, very faithful to its genre, breaks down a love relationship that ended badly. “It wasn't your fault, nor was it mine / It was the monotony's fault”, is how the narrator begins the song that tells how the narrator resigned herself to seeing her failed relationship die slowly thanks to the monotony. Although she clarifies that it was not the fault of any of the parties, that monotony to which he blames seems to develop thanks to his receiver, the one who in the music video takes a bazooka and shoots at her, leaving a hole in her chest and a heartbroken and homeless. Thus, the song seems at first to excuse the culprit, but when we take a closer look we realize that, on the contrary, it seeks to demonstrate why the attitude of one of the parties can cause a relationship to sink.

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Since the song began to be promoted about two weeks ago, Shakira's fans have not stopped mentioning that this is possibly a hint at Piqué, even more so when the face of the “culprit” is never revealed in the music video.

It is not the first time that Shakira sings to heartbreak. What's more, her discography, especially her first albums, are full of what many consider “anthems of spite”. Some of these are "Moscas en la casa", "Si te vas", "No", in collaboration with Gustavo Cerati, and how not to mention the most famous and loved by his fans "Antología".

Nor can we fail to mention "Te felicito", which by the way plays in the background at the beginning of the music video for "Monotonía". The song in collaboration with Rauw Alejandro was also the center of speculation due to how close its release was to the news of her separation from Piqué.

These two songs would be part of an album that he seems to have been working hard on. “I have a full album that excites me a lot. And some songs you will hear imminently, some are collaborations. Some are in English and others in Spanish. I thought the album was done, but every time I go into the studio to tweak a verse or mix a song that's almost ready to go I end up with new music, because right now I feel creative, and I feel like it's an amazing avenue to can make sense of things”, she mentioned in an interview for Elle magazine. Taking into account the moment of life that the Colombian is going through, we can speculate that her new album will have more songs that revolve around heartbreak.