The Candidate Teams to Win the Copa Libertadores 2023

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The Copa Libertadores warms up for a new season, where great teams dream of achieving eternal glory. Who are the main candidates for the title?

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LatinAmerican Post | Daniel González Guerrero

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The Copa Libertadores has been classified as one of the most important international competitions in the world, where the biggest teams of each country fight to stay with the eternal glory that this competition offers. Over the years, the Brazilian teams have begun to exert a clear dominance over the others, despite this, in the 2023 season we will be able to find other great contenders for the title.

The Libertadores Is 'yellow-green'

Brazil has been the dominant country in this competition in recent years. Of the last five editions of the competition, four have stayed for the Brasileirao teams, which have begun to take an interest in this kind of tournament. As a consequence of this, all the great teams in this country have been making high investments to compete in the best way in this championship.

Flamengo, Palmeiras, Atlético Mineiro and Athletico Paranaense are the great candidates for Brazil to win this new edition of the international tournament, their high investments and their squads full of stars empower them for this championship. In addition to this, it is necessary to highlight the advantage that these teams have over the other participating teams. Furthermore, the format of all the competitions in the "carioca" country adapt perfectly to the one-year format of the Cup liberators.

The 'Mengão' wants to continue reigning

Flamengo arrives at this new Copa Libertadores as the current champion of the contest, where it has shown that it is the best team on the continent. His extravagant signings are the key to boosting his style of play. For this season, the red and black team hopes to have a great squad full of stars that stood out in great teams from the old continent. It has been essential for the great presentations of this team in past editions of this tournament.

The 'Verdão' wants revenge

Palmeiras has cut a streak of two consecutive Copa Libertadores championships, an aspect that they want to recover in the following season. Those led by Abel Ferreira arrive at this tournament being one of the best teams in Brazil. An aspect that has been strengthened in recent months, where their style of play has been perfected with the passing of the days at the Brasileirao. This is why their fans trust that they will be able to add a new international title to their record.

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Lastly, there are Atlético Mineiro and Athletico Paranaense, teams that have large payrolls and a hectic sports project. However, they have not had any luck in recent years, in which they have been very close to getting this championship. Now, their fans are confident that, in the 2023 season, these clubs will once again be involved in the final phases of the competition.

Argentina wants to dominate the continent

The Argentine teams have lost their dominance in this international competition, since with the passing of the seasons they have been categorically outclassed against the Brazilian teams. An aspect that has not fallen in the best way among the fans of the big clubs in this country. It must be remembered that in the last five years only one Argentine team has managed to keep this title, something that is expected to change from the following season.

Faced with this series of bad results, Boca Juniors, River Plate and Racing have the obligation to restore glory to Argentine soccer, which was used to constantly winning the Copa Libertadores. With this clear objective, these teams become clear candidates to win this championship the following season, remembering the history and magnitude of their fans.

In search of the seventh Libertadores

Boca Juniors wants to continue making history in Latin American football, since the 'Xeneize' team is the second-highest champion of the Copa Libertadores. Despite this great statistic, the Argentine team has not obtained this championship since 2007, an aspect that has all its fans very concerned, who hope that in 2023 they can achieve a new title for their magnificent record.

With the idea of ending this bad streak of results in the Libertadores, those led by Hugo Ibarra intend to hire great players for the following season, so that they can lend a hand to the current squad. This has shown that it has major shortcomings in some areas of the field. These drawbacks were highlighted in its removal from the last edition.

A new process

River Plate has put an end to one of its most glorious eras, since coach Marcelo Gallardo has stepped aside, this being his farewell after eight years full of great results. Given this situation, Martin Demichelis, former soccer player of the Argentine team, has arrived, whose main objective is to surpass what Gallardo has done. It is for this reason that the box of the crossed band becomes one of the great candidates for the next Copa Libertadores.

Demichelis has returned to Argentina with fresh ideas from Germany, which could be essential to get a new championship. In addition to this, River wants to specify the arrival of great reinforcements, who could give an important hand to make a great presentation in this tournament, the maximum objective for the following campaign.

Finally, there is Racing de Avellaneda, a group that has been giving people something to talk about for several months. We must keep in mind the kind of game that coach Fernando Gago has been doing, who has been considered one of the best strategists in Argentine soccer in recent years. As a consequence of this, the 'academy' becomes one of the favorites to stay with the Libertadores in 2023.

Great candidates

These are the great candidates to keep this international championship. A competition that always surprises with the level of some teams, which demonstrate the progress that Latin American soccer has been having in recent years. In addition to this, many teams have taken the determination to boost their payrolls with great reinforcements and with the investment in the young talents that have been emerging in different countries.

Given this growth, it is expected that groups such as Nacional and Millonarios de Colombia; Independiente del Valle and Barcelona from Ecuador; Colo Colo from Chile; Olimpia and Cerro Porteño from Paraguay have the chance to compete in the final instances of this championship. If so, this competition would be more attractive and the growth of this kind of tournament would continue to be promoted, since the more rivalries there are, the better the level of each commitment will be.