Heartbreak is Also Sung: 5 Songs Inspired by Ex-Partners

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The spite for a breakup is a feeling that can take years to heal, but there are always tools to make this process more bearable. Music is one of those tools, and these 5 artists have known how to use it to their advantage. These are 5 songs inspired by ex-partners, we tell you the story of each one.

Karol G and Becky G, Miley Cyrus

Photos: Karol G, Miley Cyrus

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“BZRP Music Sessions #53”, Shakira

Clearly we should start this list with the most streamed song of the last three weeks, BZRP session #53 with Shakira. After her break with Gerard Piqué, the Colombian artist has released three singles that have not only generated millions of views, but have also given people something to talk about. In his latest release, in collaboration with the Argentinian BZRP, he dropped the euphemisms and let us know that he was talking about the Spanish soccer player. In addition, he speaks without mincing words about his ex-partner's infidelity and even mentions the name of the woman with whom Piqué is now in a relationship, Clara Chía.

"Flowers" Miley Cyrus


Just one day after Shakira released her collaboration with BZRP, the American singer Miley Cyrus surprised us with "Flowers", the first single from her new album "Endless Summer Vacation" which will be released on March 10th. This theme It is dedicated to her ex-husband, Liam Hemsworth, with whom she had a relationship for 10 years.

The song is a response to Bruno Mars' "When I was your man," as Hemsworth is rumored to have dedicated it to Cyrus after one of their many breakups over the years. In Mars' song, he alludes to regretting not having done enough during a relationship and wishing that another man would be the one to do everything he didn't do. Cyrus responds by making it clear that she can do all of that herself, including loving herself much better than he did.

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“29”, Demi Lovato


The impact of "29" by Demi Lovato goes beyond the gossip behind the song. This single seems to be dedicated to Wilmer Valderrama, with whom he had a relationship for 5 years, which began when he was 29 years and she was 17. Although the singer has not confirmed anything, this song explicitly refers to that she was 17 when she had a relationship with a man of 29.

Over the months, this song has generated a great impact, since it has been used on social networks such as TikTok and Instagram to report cases of grooming, thus becoming a hymn for those women who have gone through abusive relationships with men much older than them when they were still minors.

“Mommy”, Karol G and Becky G


The relationship between the Colombian Karol G and the Puerto Rican Anuel AA has always remained in the public eye due to their displays of affection. This did not change when, after three years together, the couple announced their breakup in March 2021. By the time Karl G and Becky G released "Mamiii" in April 2022, the rumors were revived, since apparently the song is Made for your ex. In this single we find ourselves facing a spiteful lyric, which alludes to "Rata de dos patas" by Paquita la del barrio and accuses her ex of being unfaithful to her with multiple women.

Shortly after the release, a video was viralized in which Anuel AA is seen in a nightclub freezing the DJ after he played "Mamiii".

“All Too Well”, Taylor Swift


We close this list with the queen of songs dedicated to ex-partners. Taylor Swift has made a career out of cathartic lyrics and an innate talent for singing and songwriting. The American is recognized worldwide because whenever she finishes with her partners she writes a song for them. “All Too Well” may not be the most controversial, but it has been one of the most praised for how explicit it becomes and for the images that accompany it in this music video.

The song is written for Jake Gyllenhaal, who had a relationship with Swift for only 3 months, but apparently it hurt enough, since in addition to "All Too Well" the American wrote "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”. On the other hand, the red scarf mentioned in "All To Well" has become iconic among Swift's fans and to this day Gyllenhaal is still considered one of the singer-songwriter's most hated exes.