The Best Places in the World to see the Auroras

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Undoubtedly, auroras are one of the most impressive light phenomena in nature. These occur in the night skies of the polar areas and surroundings.

polar aurora

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A recurring dream or goal of people who love travel is to see an aurora once. In the planet's southern hemisphere, it is commonly known as aurora australis, and in the north as aurora borealis. This type of luminescence is produced by the alteration of solar particles located in the magnetosphere, a magnetic field generated by the earth's core whose function is to divert and cover the planet from the solar winds that come with charged solar particles. Gradually, the energy of the solar winds is stored in this magnetic field. When it reaches its limit, the power shoots out as electromagnetic radiation, generating this visual effect in the night skies with high energy levels.

Although they are a phenomenon that has been taking place for millions of years, it was in the 17th century that they began to be studied scientifically. In 1621 the Frenchman Pierre Gassendi was in charge of making one of the first descriptions, at an astronomical level, of this phenomenon. Gradually, more research on auroras was found. However, one of the most important discoveries was made by the Norwegian physicist Kristian Birkeland in 1896. This scientist analyzed the movements of charged particles in a magnetic field and thus understood how auroras work.

According to the portal Capture the Atlas, which specializes in travel photography: "There are not many phenomena as exciting as seeing the Northern Lights dancing and lighting up the night sky with fascinating movements and colors." For this reason, they have made a ranking with the best places where this phenomenon can best be observed.

Best Places to See the Aurora

The ideal date to see these auroras in the northern hemisphere is at the end of August, which ends in April.

  1. Rovaniemi - Finland
  2. White Horse - Canada
  3. Southern Iceland
  4. Fairbanks - Alaska (United States)
  5. Norway - Tromso

Best Places to See the Aurora Australis

The best date to observe them in the planet's southern hemisphere is between March and September since the moments of light are fewer and the nights are longer.

  1. Antarctica
  2. Falkland Islands
  3. The South of Chile
  4. Tasmania - Australia
  5. Queenstown – New Zealand

Some Recommendations to See the Auroras

  • Stay in outdoor areas: It is essential to be in large areas with no buildings or constructions that impede the visibility of the landscape. They can be best observed in rural areas, reserves, hills, lakes, and natural parks.
  • Always look for places far away from light sources: Darkness is a great ally to observe the auroras better. The less light, the better. It is recommended that from the time the sun goes down, you pay attention to the sky to witness this phenomenon.
  • Always go as north or south as possible: You can always see better at the limits of each hemisphere. The auroras can be present for several minutes, but, commonly, they can only be observed for 3 or 4 minutes, so keep your eyes on the sky for as long as possible. You must take what is necessary for a long day of observation, clothing that covers you from the cold and food.