Gallery: The Big Surprises of the 2022-2023 Season in the European Leagues

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The big European leagues are about to end. That is why, at LatinAmerican Post, we have made a gallery with the soccer players who surprised the world with their outstanding performances in this campaign.

Bukayo Saka, Bruno Guimaraes, Xavi Simons

Photo: Latin American Post

LatinAmerican Post | Daniel González Guerrero

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The 2022-2023 season will go down in history as one of the most different in recent years. In this, historical teams are about to break long streaks without winning domestic titles, an aspect that is a great surprise for all their fans.

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One of the keys to this great sporting moment for these teams is the arrival of new players, who were not on anyone's radar and with the passing of days in the world's major leagues they became outstanding world stars. His constant goals, his youth and his differential talent are some of the most outstanding qualities of all these footballers.

With these outstanding presentations, all these players have entered the radar of the best teams in the world, which are willing to pay a large amount of money to keep their sports rights for the following season. Faced with this situation, it is no secret to anyone that these players will be becoming world stars in the coming years.

With these kinds of examples, the importance of relying on the talents of the lower-ranked leagues in Europe are confirmed, since these competitions are constantly bringing out players who have all the necessary qualities to succeed in the best teams of the old continent. This is why, over the years, the work of club scouting has taken on more prominence in the world.