Cali: The Colombian City Among the Most Important in the Sports World

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The Ranking of Sports Cities 2023, made the city of Cali official among the 100 most important sports cities in the world. We tell you more about this award.

Sports Secretary Cali

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It is no secret to anyone that Cali is a sports city by nature, this was confirmed in the Ranking of Sports Cities 2023 of the global communications agency BCW. In this list, the Colombian region was awarded as one of the most relevant in the world around the Olympic cycle, since, in recent years, Cali proved to be up to the task of all the competitions it hosted.

How is this ranking measured?

The Ranking of Sports Cities 2023 is based on the opinions of the presidents of International Federations, general secretaries, sports industry experts (such as event managers) and more than 300 representatives of sports media from around the world. Likewise, this list of cities ensures to qualify and commemorate the metropolises that are most associated with sport.

Cali leads

For many years, Cali has been considered one of the most outstanding epicenters of Colombia in terms of sports. Its constant athletics competitions and its growth in the infrastructure of sports venues are essential for the city to be among the most outstanding of the entire Olympic cycle today.

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In the same way, it could be commented that the Cali mayor's office is one of the ones that most promotes the growth of sport in the country. That is why, over the years, the city of Valle del Cauca held a large number of sporting events, which came to host athletes from all over the world, an aspect that made this region of the country grow in the eyes of international committees.

For the Ranking of Sports Cities 2023, Cali is considered the 84th city on this list, an aspect that is an important award for the entire country. Carlos Diago, Secretary of Sports and Recreation of Cali, commented that "this is an achievement for all Cali who vibrate with sports, the media that support us by replicating the good news from our city, the athletes who They play it in the arenas of the world to leave the name of our city high, to the leagues, clubs, and other sports entities; to the academy that continues to train professionals in sports, to the mayor Jorge Iván Ospina for all the support he has given to sport in the city and to all of us who vibrate and believe that sport is a social transformer”.

Latin American pride

In addition to Cali, cities such as Mexico City (18), Lima (69), Rio de Janeiro (74), Buenos Aires (77) and Guadalajara (92) were also recognized as a fundamental part of the growth of Latin American sports. On the other hand, it is important to highlight that Paris, Los Angeles, London, and New York lead this important ranking.

Next step

Having secured a position on this important list, the city does not want to give up, and they have in mind to continue climbing positions in this ranking. Given this, the BCW emphasizes that every year this recognition is modified, so it is of the utmost importance that all cities constantly demonstrate their excellent preparation for all sports competitions.

With this clear objective, the Colombian city is preparing to host the Women's CONMEBOL Libertadores, a competition to be held in October, the Junior Track Cycling World Championship and the U-20 Women's World Championship in 2024. By hosting these competitions, the leaders hope to have a higher position in the ranking next year, a goal that will surely be achieved.