A Hydrocarbon Spill Affects a Beach in Northern Venezuela, According to Activists

A hydrocarbon spill is contaminating a beach in the state of Carabobo, in northern Venezuela, as activists from oil and environmental organizations denounced this Wednesday, a fact about which the state-run PDVSA has not provided information.

Carabobo beach in Venezuela

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Hydrocarbon Leak at El Palito Refinery: Environmental Impact and Citizen Concern

The Gente del Petróleo organization, which brings together former workers in the national energy industry, assured EFE that the leak began on Tuesday at the El Palito refinery, one of the largest complexes in the country, located in front of the Caribbean Sea.

"We do not know the amount of hydrocarbons that was spilled (…) we know that the constant rains overflowed the oxidation lagoon in which the waste was stored," said the group's coordinator, Beatriz García, who highlighted the importance of The authorities explain if there was a failure in the drainage system.

As a result of this, the "beach was filled with hydrocarbons, it is all contaminated," stressed the representative of the organization, which has counted 17 "events of this type that have affected communities, biodiversity, and seabeds."

Numerous photographs and videos circulating on social networks show the blackened seashore as well as PDVSA personnel working to clean a beach that, according to local media, is near the refinery.

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On the other hand, the Blue Environmentalists Foundation stated on X (formerly Twitter) that this "environmental disaster" is affecting the beaches of Puerto Cabello, a tourist area located approximately 200 kilometers from Caracas.

Last June, the NGO Political Ecology Observatory (OEP) indicated that the country registered 86 oil spills in 2022, three of them in the state of Carabobo.

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