LATAM Airlines Soars to the Top on Brazil-U.S. Routes

LATAM Airlines has regained its position as the market leader in flights between Brazil and the United States, outpacing American Airlines and United Airlines.

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LATAM's Resurgence in the Brazilian Aviation Market

According to data from Brazil's aviation authority ANAC, LATAM transported over 260,000 passengers on this route in the quarter ending in October. The average load factor for these flights reached an impressive 89%, signaling a strong recovery for international air travel.

This achievement marks LATAM's return to the top spot in this competitive market, a position it last held for three consecutive months between November 2019 and January 2020, before the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted global aviation.

Brazil has solidified its status as the United States' primary international market for passenger transport, accounting for 18% of the total so far this year. This places Brazil ahead of countries like Argentina (15%) and Portugal (12%) in terms of passenger traffic to the U.S.

Strategic Factors Behind LATAM's Success

LATAM Brasil's Sales Director, Aline Mafra, attributed this success to the airline's sustainable international operations and its strategic joint venture with Delta Airlines. As per ANAC's data, LATAM secured a 26% market share for flights between the two largest countries in the Americas during the August-October period, surpassing American Airlines' 22% and United Airlines' 20%.

Year-to-date figures still place American Airlines in the lead with a 23.7% market share, slightly ahead of LATAM's 22.4%, considering the number of passengers transported.

LATAM made a significant impact with the resumption of non-stop flights between Sao Paulo and Los Angeles in August. This route, the only direct flight between Brazil's largest city and the U.S. West Coast, is expected to transport over 110,000 passengers annually.

Expanding Network and Operations

In addition to the Los Angeles route, LATAM launched flights between Sao Paulo and Boston last year. These flights have seen 74,000 passengers so far, boasting an average load factor of 80%. The airline also operates flights to Miami, Orlando, and New York.

The partnership between LATAM and Delta Airlines, initiated in October of the previous year, has shown promising results. Together, they have managed to increase their capacity by a remarkable 75%. Delta Airlines plans to reintroduce flights from Rio de Janeiro to New York and Atlanta in December.

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In the U.S.-Brazil traffic rankings for 2023, Delta Airlines currently holds the fifth position, trailing behind American Airlines and also lagging behind Azul. As LATAM Airlines continues to strengthen its presence and regain its dominance in the Brazil-U.S. market, the competition among these carriers is poised to intensify in the coming months.

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