• The Paris Climate Summit: A useful failure

    On the surface, the outcome of the Paris climate summit falls far short of what is needed to save the planet from global warming. Then again, maybe practical success isn’t the measure by which it should be judged.

  • Recovering tropical forests a sponge for CO2

    Tropical forests reclaiming land cleared for agriculture or livestock not only grow quickly, but absorb far more CO2 from the atmosphere than old-growth trees, according to a study released.

  • Palm oil: a global tragedy

    Plantations of oil palm are causing not only environmental damage but violence around the globe. 4 out of the top 10 world producers are Latin American countries. 

  • Mexican mangroves valuable for fighting climate change

    Desert mangroves can store massive amounts of carbon, they are crucial for the coastline ecosystems and human population. A scientific study focused only on Mexican mangroves.

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