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The rise of Asian, African and Middle Eastern migrants trying to reach the US has Washington seeking coordination with Latin American countries to tackle this problem.
As the old saying goes, 'where there's water, there's life'. Well at least that's our belief here on planet Earth. So the fact that NASA scientists recently discovered water, flowing water that is and not just impenetrable ice, on planet Mars raises the question, 'Can our neighboring planet support life as we know it?' Or even more Hollywood style, 'Is there already life on the red planet?'
Colombia’s government is set to impose a series of energy-saving measures amid fears that an ongoing energy crisis caused by drought could cause blackouts.
Three countries in Latin America are a global example in blood donation without remuneration
Millions of Mexican citizens were free to vote on Sunday for thousands of public offices, including all 500 members of the lower house of Congress, mayors, and nine state governors.
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