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Scientists have used stem to create tiny human hearts that can actually beat — and they’re so small that they can barely be seen with the naked eye. The new hearts were created using stems cells that were made by reversing human skill Cells.
Officials promoted Rio’s hosting of the Olympics as a way to lift the city’s fortunes. “Instead, properties are going for the price of a banana,” a real estate executive said. Home buyers in Rio de Janeiro used to get into intense bidding wars as they tried to secure even a modest apartment in one of the city’s exclusive beachfront districts. Not anymore.
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Scientists have created a kind of cyborg flower: living roses with tiny electronic circuits threaded through their vascular systems. The miniscule electronic polymers are inserted into the plant, then almost magically self-assemble thanks to the rose's internal structure.
'The Americas as a whole have much to gain from partnership rather than confrontation or mutual neglect': Bachelet
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