Froome acquitted hours after being banned from the Tour de France

Chris Froome, the great cyclist of this century, has been banned from the Tour de France for the investigation of open doping against him

What Rafa Márquez cannot do in the World Cup for his alleged connection with drug trafficking

In his fifth World Cup, the historic Mexican player has been removed in some situations during his participation in Russia 2018

The Tour de France reinvents itself: These are the most important novelties of the race in 2018

The most important cycling race in the world refuses to lose its importance, that is why it wanted to innovate and capture all the attention

Peru will point to Qatar 2022 with a more experienced team

The Inca team bid farewell to Russia 2018 with a dignified performance, with a group that will be key to the next qualifiers

Everything can happen in Russia 2018: Who is Kylian Mbappé and what will happen to the Latin teams?

The round of 16 of the World Cup is here and two of the favorites teams to win the cup are now eliminated, while the world is amazed by Kylian Mbappé

These are the Latin American countries that will be in the first youth world championship of the NBA

Latin America will have its share in the important youth competition, in which hundreds of promises will be able to demonstrate their talent in the world

They are not just soccer players! These are the athletes who have other parallel professions

The Russian World Cup 2018 has everything, even players and leaders who are engaged in other parallel activities. Iceland points the ranking

Lorena Ramírez: The Mexican indigenous athlete who shines in Europe

She belongs to the Rarámuris, a mountain town with a long tradition in athletics and now Ramírez has her own place in history

How curious! Are football events related to births?

The triumph of Barça in 2009 in the Champions League would have caused a 45% increase in births nine months later in Spain

Jorge Luis Pinto: When too demanding training in football becomes harmful

The Colombian coach has been characterized by having very rigorous training methods, which on several occasions have affected his players

Beyond entertainment, can the sport be the cure for hatred?

The conflict of more than 65 years between North Korea and its homonym of the South could end in the coming months with the sport as a fundamental approach of union and change

Gleyber Torres: the new promise of Latin American baseball

With only 21 years, Gleyber Torres is a candidate for the Rookie of the Year award of the Major Leagues, an award that only two other Venezuelan baseball players have achieved

Montoya could not do it: Will Fernando Alonso win the Triple Crown of Motorsports?

After winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Spanish driver entered into a dispute for the great distinction of motor sport, after the failed attempt of Juan Pablo Montoya

From hate to love? Juan Carlos Osorio, Mexico's new idol

The Colombian coach's career began in 2006 and after many achievements today is in the forefront thanks to the triumph of Mexico over Germany

These are goal scores that went into history in the World Cup

The big markers are important data in the history of a match, a team or a championship, and this is the case of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Germany and the 'curse of the champion' in Russia 2018: Nobody repeats title since 1962

The coach Joachim Löw said that it would be difficult to repeat the 2014 World Cup title

Six Latin American technicians who have made their mark in the Soccer World Cups

These six Latin American coaches have imposed a style of play, thus becoming benchmarks of the tournament's highest selection

These are the details of the conflict between Nike and the Iranian national soccer team

Nike made the decision not to supply its shoes to the players of the Iran national team for fear of sanctions, which generated all kinds of reactions

Formula 1: Is Ferrari cheating in motor racing?

Mercedes and Red Bull lead the Formula 1 teams that accuse the Italian team of having illegaly modified their cars

Venezuela and Guatemala: the countries that dream of reaching the World Cup

Venezuela and Guatemala are two of the selections that more FIFA eliminatory processes accumulate, but the years go by and the World Cup is denied

Brazil and Uruguay: The most likely countries to have a finalist in the Copa Sudamericana

Both countries occupy the majority of the quotas of the round of 32 of the continental contest. LatinAmerican Post reviews them

The LeBron James effect: lost the final again, but remains the center of attention

The 'King' of the NBA, LeBron James, is news for playing the last three games of the final with an injured hand and for his free agency

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