Presidente Jovenel Moïse, de fondo las protestas de manifestantes haitianos

Haiti: new manifestations against Jovenel Moïse

For the second time this year, the Haitian population takes to the streets to demand the resignation of President Jovenel Moïse

Michelle Bachelet con Juan Guiadó - Michelle Bachelet con Nicolás Maduro

What left Michelle Bachelet's visit to Venezuela?

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights met with all sectors and left two members of her team overseeing the situation in that country

Logo de Odebrecht sumiéndose en un hueco en el piso y flechas hacía abajo

How does Odebrecht bankruptcy affect victim countries of corruption?

The fact that Odebrecht has declared bankruptcy means only one thing: impunity for the cases in the countries that were victims of corruption

Bandera de Guatemala, y fotografías de los candidatos presidenciales Sandra Torres y Alejandro Giammatei

Torres and Giammattei: the two options for Guatemala's presidency

These two conservative candidates will dispute at the polls for the second round amid general disillusionment over the inevitable continuation of the old policy

Recreación de la mesa de diálogo de la Comisión de la Verdad en Colombia

Colombia: Dialogues for Non-Repetition begin

In Colombia, the Truth Commission created an initiative to talk about murdered social leaders and raise awareness among the public

Mano - bandera de venezuela

What are other countries doing regarding the crisis in Venezuela?

The commitment of the Latin American countries to the Venezuelan situation has included generating opportunities and the efforts of the international community

Persona sosteniendo el tarjetón de las elecciones presidenciales de Guatemala, Bandera de Guatemala del lado derecho

Guatemala: corruption scandals behind the presidential elections

Today the Guatemalan people will decide who will be their next president, but the elections have been marked by corruption. Here we tell you more

Silueta de dos mujeres y dos hombres simbolizando el matrimonio igualitario delante de la bandera LGBT y el escudo de Ecuador.

Same-sex marriage is a fact in Ecuador

The Constitutional Court ruled in favor of marriage between two same-sex couples, a historical fact in this country of conservative customs

Bandera Nicaragua - Congreso de Nicaragua

Nicaragua: an amnesty law criticized by the opposition

With great criticism from the opposition, an amnesty law was passed in the Parliament of Nicaragua dominated by a Sandinista majority

Bandera Venezuela - silueta personas caminando

What has happened with the Venezuelan exodus?

According to different international organizations, the number of people who have left Venezuela is above four million, although the government denies it


'Bolivia says NO' to the reelection of Evo Morales

The last few days, Bolivia has once again witnessed protests against the fourth re-election of President Evo Morales

Quiz - Presidentes Latinoamericanos

Do you know who the presidents of these countries are?

Test your knowledge of general culture about who the presidents of Latin American nations are with this quiz


Venezuela: Maduro partially reopened the border with Colombia

After the announcement of President Nicolás Maduro last Friday, this Saturday, June 8, the situation in the border area was in apparent normality

La Paz F.C.: the reconciliation in Colombia through football

Made up of victims of the conflict and ex-guerrillas of the FARC, this soccer team is committed to the promotion of peace and forgiveness in the Colombian territory

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