Pedro Castilla during the presidential campaign

Biggest winners and losers after the Peruvian elections

The second round will face Professor Pedro Castillo and the daughter of former dictator Alberto Fujimori, Keiko

Guillermo Lasso, new president of Ecuador

The reasons why Guillermo Lasso won the presidential elections in Ecuador

Since 2005, a right-wing candidate has not won in the Andean country

Alexa rochi

Alexa Rochi: a photographer and ex-combatant of the FARC guerrilla

She decided to change her weapons for her camera because she wants Colombia to be a peaceful country after decades of war

COVID-19 Vaccine Containers

Opinion: "Vaccivacation" in the United States

Several Latinos from high socioeconomic strata are traveling to the United States to get vaccinated earlier

Andrés Arauz and Guillermo Lasso

Elections in Ecuador: Arauz and Lasso face off for the presidency

Andrés Arauz and Guillermo Lasso will compete in the second presidential round on Sunday, April 11. Here are their different visions of the country

Yohny lescano

What is at stake in the Peruvian elections?

Peru will elect its fourth president in less than a year amid the pandemic

Woman sitting on the floor

5 Latin American politicians denounced for sexual harassment

In Latin American politics, leaders have been imprisoned for different kinds of crimes, except for crimes of a sexual nature. Here are 5 cases of sexual harassment in the region

Laptop with investment charts

What does it mean for Wall Street to buy debt from Latin American countries?

The economic crisis that arose as a result of COVID-19 seems to be the perfect scenario for financial entities seeking to buy Latin American debt

Joe biden

Biden's response to the migration of the southern border of the United States

The White House tries to have a much less confrontational and racist stance towards migrants, but this has increased asylum seekers on the southern border

Health worker on the street

The consequences of the denialist governments of the Covid-19

Brazil and the state of Florida (USA) go into crisis after an increase in COVID-19 cases

Woman sitting in the street

The Pandemic Highlights the Social Relevance of the Care Economy

The re-establishment of women's economic autonomy is one of the central axes of economic recovery for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Yonhy lescano

Peru Elections 2021: What will happen in the first round?

Amid the health contingency of COVID-19 and an increasingly powerful political instability, Peru is preparing to go to the polls to vote

Jeanine Áñez

Jeanine Áñez, political revenge or justice?

The decision of a judge to order four months of preventive detention for the former Bolivian president has altered the political landscape of the Andean country and the region

Jineth Bedoya Lima

Jineth Bedoya: The woman who made Colombia withdraw from an IACHR hearing

Journalist Jineth Bedoya was kidnapped and raped by members of paramilitary groups inside a maximum security prison