Gustavo Petro

What Is the 'Soft Coup D'Étatt' Denounced by Gustavo Petro About?

In LatinAmerican Post we explain the definition of the 'soft coup d'état' theory with which, according to Colombian President Gustavo Petro, the opposition is trying to remove his party's representatives from Congress.

Man holding a jar with modenas

Hunger Increases in Quantity and Intensity and Threatens Latin America

Hunger in Latin America and the Caribbean has increased by 30% since 2019, and several countries are already food insecurity hotspots

police from Chile

Xenophobia in Chile: A Challenge for the Government of Gabriel Boric

More and more cases of xenophobia are reported in Chile, which represents a challenge for Gabriel Boric's government. How do the authorities' decisions affect this social problem?

Lula Da Silva

Land Reform in Brazil: Can Lula Fulfill the Historical Debt?

After the first two decades of the 21st century, agrarian reform in Brazil remains an unfulfilled promise. What will be the future of the Brazilian countryside without it?

Gustavo Petro

Colombia: Why Hasn't Gustavo Petro Fulfilled Some of his Campaign Promises?

Colombian President Gustavo Petro is having difficulty implementing several of his campaign promises, not because he wants to

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador

What is the Controversy in Mexico Over AMLO's New Science Law?

The approval of the General Law of Humanities, Sciences, Technologies, and Innovation in Mexico, proposed by AMLO, is the object of strong criticism and protests. What does this law imply for science and technology?

Nayib Bukele

Why Is Nayib Bukele so Popular in Latin America?

The president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, is the president with the highest favorability in the entire region and his way of governing could redefine the right in Latin America

Crisis in Haiti

Crisis in Haiti: a Political, Human Rights and Security Problem

The absence of a democratically elected president since 2021, the urban violence and human rights violations, and the cholera outbreak are some of the problematic situations that the nation is currently experiencing. What is the role of Latin America in the Haitian crisis?

Noticias LatinamericanPost

Security and Violence in Colombia: the State's Inability to Protect its Politicians

The country has tried to recover from the armed conflict that has lasted for more than sixty years. For this reason, from social leaders to former presidents have state security, which in many cases is inefficient in their duty to protect from potential attacks by criminal gangs, dissidents, and paramilitaries

France Marquez

Colombia: 4 Achievments of Francia Márquez's Visit to Africa

The Colombian vice president Francia Márquez returns from her tour in South Africa, Kenya and Ethiopia with important achievements in cooperation and diplomacy

farm workers

"A day Without Latinos": The Call for a Boycott Against DeSantis' Racist Policy in Florida

Florida's new anti-immigrant policy generated a wave of criticism for its limitations that affect thousands of Latino workers

William Lasso

Lasso Dissolves the Legislature: Is the Same Thing Happening in Ecuador as in Peru?

The dissolution of the Ecuadorian Assembly by the president, Guillermo Lasso, seems to indicate that the political crisis in Peru is repeated in Ecuador

Jair Bolsonaro, Jose Antonio Kast, Maria Fernanda Cabal, Javier Milei

Are Violent Patterns From the US Being Replicated in Latinamerica?

With the takeover of Congress, the spread of conspiracy theories and the latest school shootings in Brazil, a violent US pattern appears to be repeating itself in Latinamerica. We analyze what is happening and why it is worrying

Assassination of Social Leaders in Colombia, an Invisible Problem?

The month of April 2023 saw the highest number of assassinations of social leaders in Colombian territory. Different global and national organizations continue to call on the national government to prevent violence against social leaders