How to build a more sustainable business

Save money and save the planet while doing so

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A sustainable business, as read on Entrepreneur, is that one in which actions and purpose are based on environmental, financial and social concerns equally

Although it is not always easy to become sustainable, when applying to job offers people are starting to look for green companies. So follow these tips to build a sustainable future for both your company and the public.

1. Team with other companies. According to The Balance, one of the easiest ways to work towards sustainability is to partner with like-minded businesses and work together to shift to a circular economy, characterized for the promotion of local labor and products, recycling and reduced consumption of natural resources.

You can do so by organizing and participating in group chats to create a collective plan to reduce your environmental impact. By doing this, you will also attract more customers, since now people are becoming aware of the importance of going green and are willing to pay more for products from an eco-friendly company. 

2. Let people work from home. According to The Telegraph, research has shown that letting people work from home can reduce your company’s carbon footprint and it makes sense: fewer people at the office means a lower use of electricity and fewer office supplies used.  Also, you will keep your employees happy by letting them manage their time and shift the way your company works: it will no longer be about time but results.

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3. See what you can learn from big companies. As read on Forbes, you can learn something from companies such as Apple and Ikea, which have created eco-friendly alternatives to fight against unsustainable business practices. For example, in its manufacturing plants, Apple is using green energy and Ikea is using ocean-bound plastics to make its products.

Even if you have a small business, any action could be good, so see what you can do with what you have and help the planet.

4. Recycle and empower your employees to do it as well. By doing this, you will be creating a culture of sustainability. Encourage them to recycle, make it easy as well, set goals, create teams and work together for a larger purpose than yourself. You can also change the light bulbs in your office to LEDs, which consume less energy and last longer than halogen or incandescent light bulbs.

5. Innovate. Sustainable companies are characterized by their innovative culture. In order to improve your financial performance along relevant environmental, social and governance dimensions, you will have to focus on coming up with new ideas for your business’ processes, products, and models, according to MIT. This is why remaining the same is not an option, so try rewarding creative employees and coming up with new ideas every day. 

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