Colombian Activist Asks the Government to Recognize ASIA Syndrome As a Disease

Colombian actress and activist Angelly Moncayo urges the government to officially recognize ASIA Syndrome as a disease, advocating for specialized care for diseases related to breast implants.

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Angelly Moncayo Advocates for the Recognition of ASIA Syndrome

Colombian actress and activist Angelly Moncayo asked the Government to recognize ASIA Syndrome as a disease and provide specialized care for diseases related to breast implants that affect numerous women.

"It is essential that the Ministry of Health officially recognizes ASIA Syndrome as a disease and provides specialized attention to the issue of breast implants," he said.

Today, the actress received the decoration of the Order of the Congress of Colombia in the rank of Knight in recognition of her work leading ASIA Recovery, a project that she founded in 2020 to raise awareness about ASIA Syndrome (Adjuvant-Induced Autoimmune Syndrome) related to breast implants.

This project was born from a difficult experience for the actress in which the disease almost killed her and whose symptoms still persist "despite having removed the implants a year and seven months ago," she said in an interview with EFE in 2022.

Priority in Women's Health and Lack of Records in Colombia

"Everyone's health is a priority, we cannot tolerate that more women suffer in silence," said the activist, who regretted that there are no records of how many women in Colombia have breast implants, which prevents "understanding the magnitude of the problems of health potentially associated with these implants, including the risk of cancer.

The activist believes that it is essential to raise awareness about the risks related to breast implants and "it is time to act and promote a change for the health of so many affected women and the epicenter of this transformation is Colombia."

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He also highlighted the importance of not only the Ministry of Health but also health insurance companies "understanding that patients affected by this disease will be more expensive in terms of treatment than those who opt for explantation surgery."

Through ASIA Recovery, more than 15 breast prosthesis explantation surgeries have been partially or fully funded, giving these women a new opportunity to improve their health and well-being.

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