Selecting The Best Watches For Skinny Wrists In 2024

For a long time, the market taste determined that larger timepieces were in fashion. Throughout the industry, watches classified as luxury watches were getting bigger. One interesting thing to note is that although watch sizes were getting bigger every year, the human wrist was not getting bigger.

Finally, this trend of large watches being fashionable seems to have calmed down a bit.

Having said all of the above, it is now a lot easier to get your hands on luxury watches made for those of us who have a slender wrist.

Some brands prefer making their watches in conventional watch sizes. They did this even when the trend was big watches. There are more vintage and heritage pieces from other brands like Oris and Tudor. These brands have really gotten into the market for watches in more modest sizes.

It does not matter if your wrists are slender or if you even want a watch with a more compact design. The current watch market will undoubtedly have something just for you. You will always have several options.

However, when your watch does not fit your wrists properly, you will have a harder time blending it into your daily life. Simply put, there is the perfect watch for almost every type of wrist.

So, without further ado, let us take a look at some of the best watches for skinny wrists you can get in the year 2024.

Rolex Watches for Skinny Wrists

Rolex has been established as one of the most famous luxury brands in the world. There is also a very big market of pre-owned Rolexes out there. There has never been a better time to get yourself a Rolex. If you are in it for fancy watches, the Date and the classic Datejust ought to be at the very top of your pecking order. Then you can also get yourself the Oyster Perpetual. This is another very classy model for gentlemen that is available in a wide array of sizes. If you want their best flagship product, then you need to check out the Day-Date 36. This is another watch that is excellent for slim wrists.

If you want a Rolex sport or tool watch, then you need to check out the Yacht-Master 37. The size of this watch is pretty modest and its weight also makes it ideal for slim wrists. These watches have tapered lugs and its mid-size version is available in two kinds of bracelets, the Oysterflex and the Oyster variety.

Omega Watches for Skinny Wrists

Omega has the Speedmaster Reduced and it is a few millimeters smaller than the regular 42mm edition of these watches. This particular edition of the Omega watches is specifically made for those who have smaller wrists. The great thing about this watch is that Omega has been able to make a watch for smaller wrists without having to sacrifice its style or looks.

It is important to point out that although the Reduced version of the Speedmaster is not in production anymore, there are still two variations of the watch available in the form of the Speedmaster Racing and the Speedmaster 38.

One of the biggest brand ambassadors of Omega watches since the 90s has to be James Bond. It was during this time that Mr Bond switched his watch alliances with Rolex to Omega. The Omega Seamaster Professional has been seen on the wrists of this iconic British film character. This particular watch is also available in a wide array of sizes. If you happen to be a fan of James Bond and you want to own one of these watches, then you must get yourself an Omega Seamaster.

Breitling Watches for Skinny Wrists

Although this particular watch manufacturer has become known for its large and oftentimes polarizing watches, it does not mean that they do not cater to or care for people with smaller wrists who want their watches. A good example of a Breitling watch for smaller wrists is their Navitimer 1 Automatic.

This watch was released in 2018. It comes to a thickness level of about 10mm and that makes it such that it can hug most wrists very nicely. Another Breitling watch that is great for skinny wrists is their Breitling Colt.

If you want a watch that can be worn while diving, Breitling also offers a Superocean range of watches. They are also available in sizes suitable for skinny wrists.

Great Lakes Watches: Helping People With Skinny Wrists

Great Lakes is also another watch reseller that you need to keep in mind when getting watches for skinny wrists. They also offer a wide variety of stylish and well-proportioned watches that ensure comfort without ever compromising on looks and aesthetics.

A particular standout watch from this reseller is the Panerai Luminor Marina Goldtech Blue Men’s Watch. It is a sleek and minimalist watch that has a very thin profile. This allows the watch to sit comfortably on smaller wrists. This watch is also a multi-purpose watch and can be used in both casual and formal occasions.

Another great offering by Great Lakes Watches is Rolex Yacht Master Rose Gold. This is a model that has been able to successfully combine both classic aesthetics with a particularly modern functionality. This watch will give you the perfect timeless look without appearing overwhelming at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Watches Look Good On Skinny Wrists?

If you have slender wrists, you would do well to get yourself a watch that has a sort of smaller diameter and has straps of proper sizes. Big watches might not look good on your slim wrists but you can definitely get skinnier ones.

Can A Watch Look Too Small?

Just like you ought not to wear watches that are too big for your wrists, you also need to make sure the opposite doesn’t happen. Watches that are too tiny can look like toys almost and definitely isn’t a desirable look.

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