Which are the most common betting sections you’ll find in a mobile betting app?

Most modern businesses need to provide some kind of mobile experience to their customers if they want to survive in their industry. This is true for a variety of businesses, and online gambling is not an exception.

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There are many things that make a given operator better than everyone else, such as the services it offers. Not all iGaming brands have the same betting categories because some are more special, so let’s learn more about some things you may encounter.

Some apps have sports betting categories

When it comes down to mobile services for online gambling, not all gambling companies have apps because providing a mobile website is cheaper. Thankfully, there is a variety of betting apps like Melbet mobile, which you need to learn more about before using it, and once you do that, you will see that the mobile apps have more things in stock than their counterparts. However, since they are more expensive, not a lot of companies ca develop active apps, which means that those that offer such products usually have more things to provide.

Speaking of available categories, the first thing that you may come across is a sportsbook that can have different variations. The classic one only offers pre-match betting, but you can also find a more advanced version that consists of wagering on live matches. Both things have pros and cons, so it depends on what type of bettor you are.

The sportsbooks can have a lot of different features but expect to find a variety of alternatives and (usually) good odds no matter the site you choose. Some apps have better optimizations, which is why there are certain options that will provide more features like Bet Builder, Statistics, live streaming, and more.


The number 2 thing on our list of betting categories that mobile app users can encounter is an online casino. However, unlike sports betting, which is usually the same as the one found on the desktop website, the casino category can be completely different. 
The reason for those differences lies in the fact that the operators do not develop their desktop games, and they definitely do not do that for the mobile products. Consequently, casinos rely entirely on specific software developers to come up with mobile games and optimize their existing titles to work on mobile devices. 

Due to the things mentioned above, there could be substantial differences in the number and the type of titles you can find from one app to another. Some brands only have slots and regular table games because they have noticed that gamblers choose those options over the rest. Others will add even more perks, including mobile live casino games, something that’s becoming increasingly popular in many parts of the world.

It’s no surprise that gambling applications with a casino category also provide different bonuses. Online casinos need bonuses to keep people entertained, so all apps that have such things will try to copy the bonus category and provide clients with free spins and bonus credits to use while gambling.


Some of the newest gambling applications decided to add the eSports options into the sportsbook, so you may not find a separate category. However, the brands that want their customers to know they’ve chosen the ultimate eSports betting operator will always have a separate category full of games.

Classic titles like Counter-Strike 2, Dota 2, League of Legends, and a few other options will be accessible on all betting websites and apps. That said, those who want people to feel special while playing will add a lot more options to the pool. Since we’re talking about mobile apps, there could be variety of mobile eSports options, including things like PUBG Mobile, Arena of Valor, and many other things.

Another specific regarding the eSports category that is usually not available all the time in the regular sportsbook is the feature that offers live gameplay. The leading apps are aware that gamers want to watch the matches they bet on. As a result, they allow them to watch HD live streaming inside the gambling app because they add Twitch to it. This means that there is no need to switch between apps just so you can watch a live stream.


Before sharing more information about the potential poker section you can find while using a gambling app, it’s worth knowing that the best sites will have a separate poker app. The reason why they do that is that Poker is a very specific game that requires people to access many rooms, get bonuses, and try loads of features. Some companies seem to think it’s easier to develop a new app rather than add all those things to an existing one.

With that said, not everyone will be happy about the fact that there is a new app that has to be downloaded, which means that some companies try to be innovative and add all of those options inside their section. 

The best poker categories will consist of different rooms, a variety of events, and different kinds of bonuses. Bonus cheaps usually lead the way here, but some places may provide even more perks. 

Keep in mind that the video poker games will be inside the regular casino section, not this category. The poker section is reserved for titles with real croupiers that allow people to play against others.

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