Argentinian Messi’s Journey: A Global Icon Through Ten Diverse Lenses

“Messi, 10 miradas del 10,” a collection edited by Fernando Segura, offers a unique and diverse exploration of Lionel Messi’s evolution into a soccer legend. It delves into his life from Rosario to global stadiums, providing insights from ten different professional perspectives. This diverse range of viewpoints promises a rich and comprehensive understanding of Messi’s journey and impact

Lionel Messi’s journey from Rosario, Argentina, to global soccer stardom is a captivating tale of talent and perseverance. This narrative is expertly woven in “Messi, 10 miradas del 10,” a compilation edited by Fernando Segura, a PhD in Sociology from the School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences in Paris. The book, published by Urano, features ten chapters, each offering a unique perspective from a different global contributor, creating a rich tapestry of Messi’s career and its broader implications.

Unveiling Messi’s Rosario Roots

The introduction by the legendary soccer commentator Víctor Hugo Morales sets the stage for a deep dive into Messi’s early years. Fernando Segura M. Trejo, the compiler, starts with a detailed field study of Messi’s childhood in Rosario, his initial steps at his first club, Grandoli, and his formative years at Newell’s Old Boys. This chapter portrays Messi’s early life and illustrates the foundational experiences that shaped his soccer ethos.

Following this, Claudio Vivas, a coach from the same club, narrates with the assistance of Daniel Garnica how he came across a video of a young Messi, already dazzling at FC Barcelona, whose greatest desire was to don the Argentine shirt. This narrative bridges Messi’s transition from a local prodigy to a burgeoning star on the European stage.

Rubén Costa, a journalist from Rosario now based in Barcelona, recounts the various soccer and political environments that accompanied Messi during his time at Barcelona until his move to Paris Saint-Germain in August 2021. This journey through different soccer cultures highlights Messi’s adaptability and impact across varying contexts, enriching the understanding of his career.

Sergio Levinsky analyzes the complex path through the Argentine national team. He examines Messi’s early international experiences, the hostile environments, and the harsh media criticism he faced before finally achieving national glory. Levinsky’s narrative emphasizes Messi’s resilience and determination to succeed with the national team despite numerous setbacks.

England’s Perception of Messi: Breaking Barriers

In a broader scope, sociologist John Williams discusses how Messi’s career has been perceived in England, a country with deep-seated prejudices and a storied rivalry with Argentine soccer. Messi’s ability to win over a demanding English audience is a testament to his transcendent appeal and skill.

Two chapters on Paris detail the high expectations and tensions during Messi’s stint at PSG. Sociologist Patrick Mignon discusses the club’s immense aspirations since its founding in the 1970s and how Messi, alongside Neymar and Mbappé, was expected to clinch the Champions League. Although not as successful as anticipated, this period set the stage for Messi’s ultimate goal: the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Ana María Ospina, a journalist, shares her frustration at the elusive interactions with Messi, overshadowed by his undeniable prowess on the field. Her narrative provides a personal glimpse into the paradox of Messi’s public persona — immensely admired yet personally distant.

According to the book, Messi’s performance at the 2022 World Cup undoubtedly marked the climax of his career. The compiler and Diego Murzi present vivid chronicles from the stadiums, the streets of Doha, and the suburbs, where workers from Southeast Asia and Africa resonated with Messi’s achievements and Argentina’s spirited performance.

Pablo Brescia creatively tackles the inevitable comparisons with Diego Maradona, crafting theatrical pieces linking the Argentine legends of two eras. This imaginative approach underscores the continuous dialogue about Messi’s place in soccer history.

Beyond Soccer: Messi’s Cultural Impact

Spanish writer Ana Merino delves into Messi’s tattoos, his aesthetics in his new Miami environment, and the various comics and stories written about him. Her perspective ties Messi’s identity’s visual and narrative elements, highlighting how he has become a cultural icon beyond the pitch. This exploration of Messi’s cultural impact underscores the significance of his legacy, reaching far beyond the world of soccer.

The book concludes with an epilogue by the global directors of the Scholas Occurrentes project, a testament to Messi’s influence beyond soccer. Endorsed by Pope Francis and supported by Messi himself, this project underscores his impact on education and community initiatives worldwide, further cementing his legacy.

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Now available in bookstores across Spain, Argentina, Mexico, and Colombia, and soon in Peru, Chile, Uruguay, and the United States, “Messi, 10 miradas del 10” offers readers a multifaceted look at one of the greatest soccer players of our time, enriching our understanding of his legacy through diverse lenses.

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