Formula 1: Analysis of the 2023 Season

The 2023 Formula 1 season has come to an end, leaving behind a trail of excitement, rivalry, and, above all, the undeniable dominance of Red Bull and its star driver, Max Verstappen. In this article, we will explore the results, the performance of teams and drivers, the strategies used, and how the championships of drivers and teams developed in this exciting race season. 

2023 Season Results

In a historic year, Max Verstappen starred in an impeccable season, securing 19 victories out of 22 possible races. His dominance was so overwhelming that he managed to double the points of his teammate, Checo Pérez. Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton placed third with six podiums and appeared twelve times in the top five. Fernando Alonso, despite appearing eight times on the podium, was affected by his team’s irregular performance in the middle of the season.

Finally, Ferrari, initially strong in qualifiers, fell in the table, leaving room for the rise of McLaren and his surprise driver, Lando Norris. While we were hooked on Ferrari’s fall from grace, many sports enthusiasts were also adding excitement and adrenaline to each race by placing bets on online gambling sites like The Sports Daily, to take the stakes even higher. 

Race Performances

In terms of analyzing race performance, Verstappen once again stood out as the undisputed leader. His almost perfect season was reflected in absolute zero relative value, outperforming his competitors. Pérez placed in second place, followed closely by Hamilton, while Ferrari experienced difficulties in the race, losing ground significantly. Alonso, despite his efforts, was unable to approach the leaders. McLaren and Aston Martin also showed remarkable improvements, while Alfa Romeo and Haas became known as the slower cars in the race.

Ranking Performances

The quality in the ranking revealed that Pérez faced many difficulties when reaching maximum lap speed, while Stroll reached levels up there with Alonso. Hulkenberg and Albon also stood out with outstanding performances, unlike Ferrari, who suffered a 0.25% drop in performance.

Comparing to the Previous 2022 Season

Compared to the previous season, Hulkenberg and Alonso were the most outstanding drivers, experiencing a positive change of 0.8%. In contrast, Ferrari suffered a notable drop of 0.35%, while Red Bull and Mercedes remained in more similar positions. This indicates a clear advance in the middle zone and the importance of Verstappen’s performance.

Strategy and Tires

In terms of strategy and tires, the 2023 season followed a similar line to the previous one, with consistent compound choices. The C3 was the most used tire, demonstrating its versatility in the race, while the C5 stood out as a purely qualifying option. The performance of the C5 in the race was disappointing, highlighting its exclusive utility for a fast lap only.

Teams in the 2023 Season

Below is a brief summary of how the 2023 season went for each Formula 1 team:

1. Red Bull had a perfect season with Verstappen leading in every aspect, unfortunately, Checo Pérez couldn’t keep up.
2. Mercedes rectified with a mid-season redesign, with Hamilton fighting for the sub-championship.
3. Ferrari showed speed for one lap only, then lacked performance in the rest of the race.
4. McLaren resurrected throughout the season, fighting for podiums and demonstrating great pit stops.
5. Aston Martin had a magical season, but many are wondering if they can take a step further in 2024.
6. Alpine had a year of transition with Alonso leaving, then continuing to fight in the middle zone.
7. Alfa Romeo had no clear direction and lack of performance for many races.
8. Alpha Tauri had a tough season, remaining out of battle for the top points.
9. Haas faced remarkable sinking, facing developmental problems and speed in the race.
10. Williams continued to move forward, ascending in ranking.

Which Drivers Will Change in the 2024 Season?

The 2023 season closed with an exciting announcement by Williams to renew Sargeant, ensuring that the 20 drivers from the current lineup remain for next year. The exception is Nyck de Vries, fired in the middle of the season, being replaced by Daniel Ricciardo. However, many will be watching in 2024 as key contracts come to an end, including Sainz, Leclerc, Pérez, Alonso, Ocon, and Gasly. With the stability of the alignments, anticipation grows about possible moves and changes in the teams for the next exciting chapter of Formula 1.

Conclusively, the 2023 Formula 1 season showcased the domination of Red Bull and Verstappen. The 2024 season is expected to be highly anticipated due to changes in team strategy, tire tactics, and individual performance that make for an exciting year. Some teams have big aspirations, while others will likely confront real obstacles. All that remains to be seen is whether Red Bull can continue to dominate the next season – or whether another strong F1 team can find a way to undermine its dominance.

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