What Can We Expect From This Year’s Super Bowl?

The 2022 Super Bowl tournament barely ended when the talks for the 2023 edition started.  Football lovers are already excited as the most-watched single-day event draws near. All eyes are on the Lombardi Trophy as fourteen teams fight for it.

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So, whether you are excited about the game itself or your interest lies in NFL spreads, here’s what you can expect from this year’s Super Bowl.

Schedule & Host

The desert state of Arizona is bubbling with excitement, which will most likely increase in the coming weeks as they are set to host the Super Bowl LVII tournament in their State Farm Stadium in Gazelle on the February 12, 2023. The stadium can take more than 70,000 people, and will most likely be filled to the brim with people who want to see the match live.


Besides the people there to watch the match at the stadium, TV Network, Fox, will broadcast the event live. This will give fans at home the opportunity to be a part of the event and enjoy it. Not only football lovers are excited about the Super Bowl LVII, fans of international music star Rihanna also have something to look forward to as their fave will headline the halftime show.

Potential Winners

The Los Angeles ram claimed victory last year, taking the trophy home from SoFi Stadium. Sports analysts are already on their toes on which team will take the prize this year, predicting odds and getting fans geared up. With many fans and even more money involved, betting sites like FanDuel Casino have already opened their websites to allow fans to place their bets and predict who will likely win the tournament.

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However, before placing bets, let us examine what some of the top teams have to offer based on available data.

Kansas City chiefs

The American professional football team from Missouri, Kansas, is predicted to likely go home with the Lombardi trophy from the Super Bowl LVII. They are the number 1 overall seeds in the AFC playoffs, a feat they are repeating after finishing last season with an impressive 14 – 3 record.

However, this does not guarantee them the trophy, as many teams are also competing. While the Chiefs might have a relatively easy run in the early games of the postseason, they may need to work harder as they will likely face a heavyweight team like the Bills. Nonetheless, thee Chiefs are a team to watch if you’re going to be betting on the Super Bowl.

Buffalo Bills

Another team that is likely to walk away with the Lombardi Trophy on the February 12 are the Buffalo Bills. Losing control of the number one seed in the AFC to the Chiefs on Sunday when they scored 27 – 24 against Cincinnati Bengals, they are close on the Chief’s heels.

Constantly tagged 'The Team of destiny,' the Bills is a significant contender for the trophy. However, nobody is going to bet on destiny, so we need to know their other strengths before betting on them. 

Nevertheless, having secured their AFC East title for the third consecutive time, with 13 wins, it is no doubt the Bills got their appellation from precedence. Therefore, there is no major fear as they will host the Miami Dolphins for the wildcard round at Highmark Stadium.

San Francisco 49ers

Having opened the Super Bowl Tournament Playoffs, San Francisco secured their sport by defeating Seattle Hawks, 13 – 4. Not only did such a colossal victory allow them to compete in the wildcard round, but they are also in a good position to contend for the Super Bowl. The West American Champion seems to be doing something right.

Nevertheless, there are still a couple more ways the 49ers can improve their team if they are going to get any closer to securing the Super Bowl.

Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles is another team that will likely walk away with the Lombardi trophy.

With many of their players hurt, the team is taking a much-needed one-week break. They finished at 14 – 3, making them the NFC East Champion and getting them a sport in the playoffs.

Final Thoughts

The Super Bowl is a tournament to look forward to not only because it is the biggest event of the NFL but also for its immense cultural and financial impact.

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