NFL: playing in the Super Bowl is not an easy journey

American Football League’s final game is one of the most important events of the year. However, behind it, there is a long way to overcome

Life warriors: 4 athletes who overcame diseases

High-performance Latin American athletes have suffered in adversity, but never gave up and managed to rejoin their respective sports





Christian Pulisic arrives at Chelsea and he plans to succeed

The American player, who is one of the promises of world football, arrives at Chelsea

The Rose Bowl: the football game with 104 years of history

Ohio State was the most recent winner of this traditional party, which is held on the final days of the year or the first of the following year

No more violence! These would be the Italian league measures

Serie A can take measures that have already been implemented in other countries and leagues to curb violence among football fans

Neymar: the soccer player who manages to have a month of vacation

After the permission granted to the Brazilian soccer player in December by coach Thomas Tuchel, the 'party' trend of the star player is back on the table

Major League Soccer 2019 is closer

The American professional league, promises to further improve its competitive level after a positive campaign in 2018 with much Latin American influence

Ribéry is sanctioned for insulting comments on Twitter

The Bayern midfielder is again controversial, this time he will have to pay a fine

3 football players who played in the enemy club

Jonathan Maidana, Lucas Pratto and David González emerged from the quarries of important clubs, but who opened the doors were the arch-rivals

Tatiana Calderón: on her way to Formula 1

The Colombian pilot managed to consolidate herself as one of the most outstanding Latin athletes in 2018

CR7: the real reasons why he left Real Madrid

Among the main reasons for the Portuguese to left the real Madrid are economic and legal issues as well as Messi

4 great Latin American technical directors

These football executives from Latin America have implemented strategies that have taken them to the top of the football world

Teams of Conmebol: the biggest losers of the FIFA Club World Cup

Previously, with the so-called Intercontinental Cup, there was parity between the UEFA and Conmebol champions, but that changed radically since the Club World Cup

Argentina tries to stop the 'barras bravas'

After the events perpetuated by fans of River Plate in the final of the Copa Libertadores, some deputies proposed a package of laws to stop violence on the courts

Formula E is the new challenge of Felipe Massa

The Brazilian driver aims high in a new category, in which he will live a different experience in motorsport

Italy now has its own Boxing Day

An English football tradition was already adopted in 2018 by Serie A, will Spain be able to do it too?

Cruz Azul and the 21 years' curse

After falling in another final because of its historic executioner the America, LatinAmerican Post reviews the main situations that have suffered 'The Cement Machine'

Jose Mourinho is fired again! We tell you the details

The Portuguese coach went out the back door of Manchester United and without achieving the goals that were drawn 

They're back: these 3 coaches return to their teams

Some people may think that the departure of a coach has no turning point. However, these coaches have returned to a team on more than one occasion

At 41, Tom Brady is still news in the NFL

Within days of the regular round, the veteran quarterback of the New England Patriots has already secured two new records in his successful resume

Cycling strike! Team Sky will dissolve after the 2019 campaign

Sky, the most powerful team in the world of cycling has its days counted, and the news surprised their fans and the team members themselves

These 4 journalists are fans and they don't hide it

Always with objectivity and journalistic criteria, four social communicators recognized their love and devotion for these squads. Find out who they are

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