Opinion: Women's soccer in Colombia is slowly dying

Professional women's soccer in Colombia is being ignored and despised

How has the coronavirus affected e-sports?

The coronavirus, contrary to popular beliefs, has also affected e-sports

Baseball balls

Superbowl, MLB rule changes and other sports news

Here's our weekly recap of everything important that happened this week in the world of sport

Allison becker

Who are the best Latin American goalkeepers of the decade?

The list is rated by the International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS)

Czech Perez

Sergio “Checo” Pérez and a new path called Red Bull

The Mexican Formula One driver seems to be in his best professional moment and his move to the Austrian team is presented as an opportunity to show his ability

Oscar Emboaba, Salomón Rondón and Paulinho

South American soccer players who immigrated to China

This are six of the top rated Latinos in soccer from the Asian superpower!

Eleven holder of Málaga FC

Málaga CF, the most Venezuelan soccer team in Spain

The Andalusian club, to date, has had a total of seven Venezuelans in recent years

American football player throwing a ball.

5 players to watch at the Superbowl

With so many players knowing which one do we have to keep an eye on is essential

Rugby players during a match

These are the most successful countries in the Six Nations

These are the countries that have historically been strongest in the Six Nations

Sofía Gómez, Colombian freediver

How to Prepare For The Unknown?

"Peace, love, tranquility, blue ..." Sofía repeats in her head as her body descends 100 meters under the water.

Close-up of a person holding a tennis racket

Do you know some of the Australian Open records?

These are some of the marks that have been achieved in the tournament


Empty chairs in a stadium

6 athletes who died from Covid-19 in 2020

The pandemic not only ended the attendance of stadium fans, but the lives of more than 100 active and retired athletes around the world

Formula 1 car

History Mercedes: from nothing to firm dominant Formula 1

The German team went from being just another team to winning 7 titles in the last 10 years, what is its history?

Cover of the book 'Kobe Bryant: Mamba Mentality'

Best Autobiographies of Basketball Heroes

Fans consider these great athletes the best in the entire NBA hsitory

Neymar Jr

Pofessional players who did not like to watch soccer

Even though it may be the dream of many fans, some professional soccer players ended up hating their job

Washington Football Team vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This is the only Latinamerican in the SuperBowl

He is the only player from both teams who comes from Latin America

Conor McGregor

Remembering McGregor's losses

McGregor's latest loss hasn't been the only time the Irishman has tasted defeat

Kobe Bryant and Conor McGregor

One year after Kobe's death, McGregor injured and other news

These are the most important sports news of the week so that you start the weekend well informed

Neymar Jr, Roberto Firmino and Lautaro Martínez

The 5 most valuable South American soccer players on the world market

The future and performance of these players have positioned them among the most valuable soccer players in the South American market with millionaire figures

Philippe Coutinho and Gonzalo Higuain

The 5 most expensive Latin American transfers in soccer history

The transfers of these Latino players were not cheap at all and are among the most expensive transfers in soccer

Francisco Lindor

Francisco Lindor: the Mets' first step in pursuit of the World Series

The New York team begins to see results with its new owner Steve Cohen and they hit the table with a transaction that brings the Purto Rican shortstop to their ranks

Alberto and Mickael Acosta

Soccer players who played with their children

Sometimes, for reasons of age, some soccer players come to play on the same team as their children. Let's see the most curious cases