AS Monaco: Thierry Henry's era has begun

The former French striker took the reins of the whole of the principality with the sole purpose of removing him from the relegation zone

Amazing! Baseball is back in Chile thanks to Venezuelan immigrants

Every weekend, hundreds of people gather to play baseball in Santiago de Chile

Height doesn't matter! 3 athletes you need to know

No matter how small they are, these athletes will give their best to achieve success in their respective disciplines

"I'm different and I love it": Kanya Sesser's incredible overcoming story

"Even though there are certain things that I cannot do, that does not stop me from trying and finding a way to do it my way": Sesser

5 facts that will surprise you about F1

The premier category of motorsports hides secrets that make possible its high performance and, above all, unimaginable speeds. 

4 classics that paralyze the world

From soccer to baseball: these are the four sport matches that most excite the fans. Which one is your favorite?

This is what you need to know about the new NBA season

A new campaign kicks off on Tuesday, October 16 with the Golden State Warriors as champions and all the spotlights on LeBron James in the Los Angeles Lakers

Boxing Yoga: The unusual mixture of sport with meditation

How can you combine a combat discipline that uses fists with a healthy lifestyle? Well, in a very interesting way.

Will Greivis Vásquez return to the NBA or will he retire?

"Surrendering is not an option" is the slogan promoted by the athlete in their social networks, phrase with which for a couple of years, is strengthened to overcome their injuries and return to the best basketball in the world


After 23 years: John Terry retires from soccer

The experienced English defender declined at the last minute an offer made by the Spartak of Moscow and since there was no other offer, he decided to withdraw

From oblivion to glory: from Muhammad Ali to Tiger Woods

In LatinAmerican Post we compile the moments in which three sports legends of different disciplines decided to forget their retirement to reach new triumphs

Do you know why Brazil and Argentina dominate the Copa Libertadores? Here we present you the reasons

There seems to be no rivals on the continent to lower their position to the clubs of these two countries. The trend is marked many years ago.

Everything you need to know about the new Santiago Bernabéu stadium

92% of the members of Real Madrid approved the budget for a 'new stadium' with roof, 360 ° screen, and innovative image

Before and after: 8 soccer players with cosmetic surgeries

Héctor Herrera is not the only soccer player who has undergone cosmetic surgeries. Find out here who they are

"In the UN I was a defender of women and in FIFA I will be too"

Fatma Samba Diouf Samoura is 57 years old and before reaching FIFA left his mark on the United Nations (UN)

10 Latinas who have been presidents of soccer clubs

On October 8, Lucía Barbuto became president of the Banfield club in Argentina. However, she is not the first woman to have run a soccer club in Latin America

Marketing rather than Boxing? The encounter between Mayweather and Pacquiao

The announcement of a possible second fight between the two fighters is more linked to the marketing of the protagonists rather than the sport

Golden Ball 2018: Will it be the end of Messi and Ronaldo?

The magazine France Football published the list of the 30 players that will compete for the Golden Ball. Find out who could win it

Argentina: The Superbike World Championship is here!

The Villicum circuit will receive this important race that consolidates the south american country as the venue for the best motor sport competitions

Age doesn't matter! The oldest soccer fans

Age has not stopped these fans from supporting their favorite teams. Here you can find who they are


Diego Maradona: From football legend to 'Showman'

The former Argentine star accumulates many controversial and funny episodes that arouse both positive and negative reactions

This is how Big Data improves sports

The colossal power of information is exploited to innovate in sports processes, studying better the rival, and obtaining better results

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