The 5 best Latin American central defenders

Although we cannot watch soccer due to quarantine, we can review which are the best central defenders in Latin America


This promising soccer team was foiled by the coronavirus

After surprisingly advancing to the Champions League quarterfinals Atalanta of Bergamo saw how their city was terribly affected by Covid19.

Two men playing soccer.

These 5 countries export the most soccer players

These are the countries that export the most soccer players.

Lakers player taking a free kick.

3 unconventional strategies in sports

These strategies were designed to achieve victory in any way possible

Three men at a pit stop in Formula 1.

Behind the pilot: Who makes up a Formula 1 team?

Although in each race the pilots receive almost all the credit, there are many professionals behind them who are vital to their performance.

Woman practicing yoga with her little daughter

Physical activities that you must practice in quarantine

For mental health and to avoid muscle atrophy, it is recommended to exercise these days.

Interior of the Santiago Bernabéu stadium

5 stadiums that changed due to coronavirus

Sport is giving their homes to fight the pandemic.

Andrei Arshavin in Arsenal FC uniform.

3 footballers "promises" that no one remembers anymore

From being the new "jewels" of soccer to no one remembering their names, these soccer players quickly lost their level.


Best NFL memes

Why don’t we laugh with these memes we prepared just for you

Computer with an image of a cyclist pedaling.

Tour of Flanders: a novel strategy to beat the Covid-19

The cycling event in Belgium 'broke the mold' with an initiative that allowed it to celebrate its 2020 edition. How did they do it?

Robert Lewandowski, Leonel Messi and Andrés Iniesta.

These 5 footballers have donated to fight the pandemic

Given the current pandemic in the world, several players have decided to donate to help fight the virus. Here are some of them.

American football players in playing position.

American Football: Is the XFL in danger?

Employees of this football league announced on April 10 that they were fired, leaving an uncertain future for the XFL

Jürgen Damm and Gareth Bale.

The 5 fastest strikers in the world

These players are able to cover the entire court in seconds

Lewis Hamilton

This would be the 2020 F1 season

The ultimate motorsport event does not give up and shows its cards, teams and drivers for the annual season while waiting for the world to return to normal .

5 sports documentaries you can't miss

Regarding the new Michael Jordan's documentary and the Chicago Bulls, we recommend five sports documentaries that you should watch

Dodgers Stadium.

MLB 2020: Dodgers rival to beat, White Sox rising stars

The best baseball in the world adjusted its calendar due to the coronavirus, and now, it starts its activities in the second half of May.

Jorge Mendes and Cristiano Ronaldo.

The highest earning soccer managers and what they do

Behind a good footballer, there is a great representative in charge of his present and future. These are the most important managers and their work.

Santiago Arias and Dani Alves.

The best five Latin American right defenders

The right defenders usually have an enormous importance in the assembly of a team. Let's see which are the 5 best Latin Americans of the moment

LeBron James, Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

This is what elite athletes are doing during quarantine

Lionel Messi, LeBron James, Roger Federer, and CR7 stayed at home but in a very different way.

FC Barcelona players.

5 clubs that cut their players' budget

These clubs have tightened their belts due to COVID19

Soccer players on the playing field.

The league and La Ligue-1 take action against the coronavirus

These are some of the measures that professional football is taking to face the current crisis.

Person holding a control of an xbox

The rise of e-sports in times of quarantine

Sports competition continues, this time, online.