Sergio 'Checo' Perez

What is the Reason for the Sporting Slump of 'Checo' Pérez in Formula 1?

The Mexican driver Sergio 'Checo' Pérez is going through his worst stage in Formula 1, an aspect that could leave him out of Red Bull. We tell you the reality of this Latin American corridor

children playing soccer

Injuries In Children's Soccer: How To Act And How to prevent them?

Soccer practice is popular among boys and girls. However, injuries of different severity are becoming more common, an aspect that worries parents. In this article we tell you how to prevent them.

person practicing parkour

Parkour: The New Sport that Would be in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games

The extreme sport is close to being considered an Olympic discipline. We tell you everything you need to know about parkour

gold Cup

Gold Cup: the Teams and Players to Follow from the Highest Soccer Competition in Concacaf

A new edition of the Gold Cup begins on June 24. The United States and Canada are the top candidates; Uncertainty reigns in Mexico after the dismissal of Diego Cocca days before the competition. We tell you all about this soccer tournament in Central America

Millionaires and Nacional celebrating titles

Nacional and Millionarios: The Economic Benefits of Being a Colombian Soccer Champion

Due to the format carried out by Dimayor, the Colombian soccer regulatory body, each semester there is a First Division champion in the South American country. This year, Nacional and Millionarios will define the first champion of 2023

Ja Morant

Ja Morant Suspended for 25 games: the Longest Sanctions Ever Imposed by the NBA

Basketball player Ja Morant was once again suspended for carrying weapons. We tell you the longest suspensions imposed by the NBA

Karim Benzema

Saudi Arabia's Impact on the World of Football

The Saudi Arabian League has become attractive to big soccer stars in the world because of the high salaries they can earn. We tell you the other reasons why this league is gaining strength

Julian Alvarez

Julián Álvarez Is the Leader: the Players Who Are Champions of the Most Important Soccer Tournaments

Julián Álvarez, after winning the Champions League with Manchester City, entered the select group of 5 players who have won a World Cup, a Champions League and a Copa Libertadores, the three most important tournaments in the world of soccer

Woman playing on computer

Explosion of eSports in Latin America: How did Video Games Become Sports?

eSports conquered Latin America, which is why we went from fiction to a new mass sport. We tell you about the birth of this new trend

linesman in a match

Fixing in Soccer: Scandals Break Out in the World of Sports

Latin American, Asian, European, and North American sports are affected by internal agents. How did they corrupt it, and what can be done to eradicate fixing matches in soccer?

 return to colombia

Infographic: Everything you Need to Know About the Vuelta a Colombia 2023

The Vuelta a Colombia is one of the most important events in Colombian sport. We tell you everything you need to know about its 73rd edition

Amanda Nunes

The End Of A Reign: Amanda Nunes Surprisingly Announces Her Retirement From The UFC

Amanda Nunes retained her bantamweight title in the main event at UFC 289, then shockingly announced her retirement from professional sports

Denver Nuggets Title

Historic: the Denver Nuggets Are Crowned NBA Champions

The Denver Nuggets, led by Serbian Nikola Jokić, were crowned NBA champions for the first time in the history of this franchise

Raul Allegre, Anthony Munoz

5 Latin American Players Who Have Made Their Mark in the NFL

There's no doubting the passion for football that pulses through Latin America. And no, we aren't just talking about soccer! No, we are talking about the number of Latin American players that have broken into a wholly different kind of football: the National Football League!

Woman wearing sportswear

Textile Toxicity: A Latent Danger For Sports

According to the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), textile production worldwide with the chemicals they use, mainly for dyeing, bleaching and washing clothes, endangers all athletes who practice sports

Golden State Warriors players

Gallery: The 5 Most Expensive Franchises in the NBA

The NBA is one of the most profitable sports businesses in the United States. We tell you which are the most expensive franchises of the best basketball league in the world

person hiking

Five Sports that Will Boost Your Mental Health

These physical activities can bring you multiple benefits, not only physical but emotional. We tell you which sports will help you boost your mental health

Pep Guardiola, Antonio Conte, Carlo Ancelotti

Millions by the Bucketload: Europe's Biggest Spending Coaches of the Last 15 Years

Pep Guardiola's merits were belittled by the budget he had at his disposal throughout his career. But how much money did he spend, and is he the coach with the biggest budget in Europe? We tell you which coaches have spent the most money in recent years

Manchester City and Inter Milan players

The Game of The Season: Inter and Manchester City Define the Winner of the Champions League

The 2022-2023 Champions League campaign comes to an end with the match between Inter and Manchester City. We tell you everything you need to know about this magnificent definition

Sergio Busquets

End of a Cycle: The Historic Players That Leave their Clubs

After several years defending the same colors, there are historic players who decided to leave the team where they became idols to face new challenges in their careers. We tell you the most representative cases of this season