These are the athletes who followed in their parents' footsteps

These young men are the sons of legendary athletes in the history of soccer and motorsports. Do you know who they are? Find out here

Other 5 athletes who now succeed as businessmen

These athletes have not only stood out for their skills in the basketball court, now they also do it for owning companies.

Football Crisis?: Denmark called futsal players to the National team

A disagreement between the Danish Football Federation (DBU) and the World Cup players caused that, for the FIFA friendly matches, second division players were called

These are the Latin American National Teams that do not have a coach

In Conmebol, 6 of the 10 National Teams already have a official technical director, the other four do not

Combat Americas: Mixed Martial Arts arrived to Latin America

The Mexicans Levy Marroquín and José Alday starred in the first contest of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) with the bantamweight championship fight

Unbelievable! Footballers who changed the soccer ball for these careers

Some players left the fields to enter the priesthood, politics and music

Bye-bye Messi and Ronaldo: Luka Modric is here!

Recently, the Croatian midfielder received the award for best player in the Champions League and is considered by FIFA as the best soccer player of the 2018 World Cup


The eSports takes over the Formula One

The highest category of motor racing already has its own video game event, which was recognized as a sport by the International Olympic Committee

Amazing! From soccer players to team owners

Whether for business or for nostalgia, an alternative to sports retirement is to invest in soccer teams. In LatinAmerican Post we tell you more about this

The Strongest of Bolivia: Female players take over this traditional club

The popular Bolivian soccer club for the first time makes up a women's team to contest the regional tournaments created by Conmebol for 2019

Ultimate: the sport where there are no referees

The discipline mixes elements of team specialties such as football, basketball and rugby, but without balls. On the contrary, they use a flying disc and innovative values

Tour of Spain: Simón Yates is the champion and "Superman" López managed to sneak onto the podium

"Superman" López took the podium in third place, Eric Más won the second and Yates celebrated his first championship

We can be the best! Latin American fans are nominated for the FIFA award

A Chilean and 40 thousand Peruvians will compete with fans from Japan and Senegal at FIFA The Best, category best fan

She is the most popular skater on the planet

Her talent, economic earnings and beauty make this Latin American the center of attention of the whole world, both in her sport and in other disciplines

Julián Molina: The athlete who sold empanadas to run the Argentine Marathon

Despite the difficulties, this Argentine athlete never lowered his head and fought until the end to fulfill one of his sporting dreams

Are they not the best? Messi and Griezmann are not nominated for the "FIFA The Best" awards

The Argentine winner of the Golden Boot, and the French, world champion in Russia 2018, were left out of the award given by FIFA to the best player of the year

Gianluigi Buffon: A legend who has played soccer with two generations

The 40-year-old Italian goalkeeper of the Paris Saint-Germain is proof that soccer not only raises passions, it also unites generations

Buenos Aires is ready for the Olympic Youth Games

More than 4 thousand young people from 206 countries from around the world will meet, from 6 to 18 October, at the most important multi-sport gala in Argentina

Brexit: The Premier League is another of its victims

The sport in the United Kingdom is waiting for an agreement with the European Union to avoid harmful changes

Do you wanna have fun working out? Try these 3 exercises

Do you want to exercise and have fun at the same time? Here we present you some training methods that could help you achieve your goals

These are the 4 players who are partying ways with their national team

The culmination of such an important event as the FIFA World Cup often marks a before and after for coaches and players

These are the women who dominate the "street football"

What used to be known as juggling the ball, today is considered as "freestyle" soccer. Women dominate this discipline

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