Who is the former Venezuelan soccer player that inspired Josef Martínez in the Major League Soccer?

The former soccer player left a great legacy in the MLS and that has motivated the Venezuelan soccer player Josef Martinez of Atlanta United

Does Egan Bernal have what it takes to become the future champion of the Tour de France?

Called as "young wonder", the Colombian is a promise in cycling and a great contender to obtain the most important title of  cycling

Foul play when hiring football players

Clubs like Atlético de Madrid and FC Barcelona have been accused of carrying out questionable procedures to sign players

The Latin American soccer players that will shine in the next edition of the Champions League

Some Latin American stars did not show their best version in the last World Cup, but they could stand out in the Champions League

Latin American racers are taking over Formula E

Latin America is gaining presence in the competition of electric cars, after Lucas Di Grassien's victory in 2017

Impersonations and adulterations of age: lamentable cases of Latin American soccer players

Some Latin American players have been forced to change their age to participate in official tournaments.



Gustavo Fernández and Francisco Sanclemente, two Latino athletes who are an example of perseverance

Gustavo Fernández is Argentinian and a tennis player, while Francisco Sanclemente was born in Colombia and is a marathon runner. Get to know their stories

From 'oldies' to young people: The Major League Soccer is changing its tendencies

The U.S. professional soccer league seeks to be more competitive with different profiles to those that it has included

A terrible outcome in Argentina: Another case of violence in sport

The sports world is in mourning after the murder of Argentine soccer player Facundo Espíndola during an altercation with a colleague

Soccer, a passion that takes over the small screen

Here you can find some of the most famous soccer series that will allow you to immerse yourself in this sporting world

It did not happen only to Mezut Özil: These are other cases of racism in sports

The case of the German midfielder is just the tip of the iceberg of racism in sport. In LatinAmerican Post we review other emblematic cases

Between war and soccer: These are the players who have suffered the wars

Did you know that some players of the traditional sport of football have suffered the war? Know here who we are talking about

Yerri Mina’s qualities will make him shine in Europe

Mina had stood out for his physical strength and his titles, but it was not until the 2018 World Cup that his name resonated in the world

One of the most traditional sports could be removed from the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo

Get to know the reasons why the International Olympic Committee (IOC) could exclude boxing from one of the most important sports events in the world

Latin America: a disappointing performance in the Tour de France 2018?

LatinAmerican Post summarizes some of the reasons why the continent's riders did not arrive with the yellow jersey to Paris

Latino runners competed against the Ethiopian power in Bogota's Half Marathon

A massive participation of more than 70 athletes 'flooded' the streets of the Colombian capital in the traditional event

Table tennis: Why is the gap between Asian and Latino players so big?

"The emergence of Latin American table tennis is evident and in recent times it has been marked by the export of athletes": Venezuelan coach Alejandro Rojas

The story of Bismarck Alfaro: from talented boxer to 'pastry chef' in the streets

Nicaraguan Bismarck Alfaro works selling cakes to help solve the health problems of two relatives

We still celebrate the triumph of France: These are the African players who made it possible

Did you know that fourteen of the French soccer players who played in the final match of the World are of African descent and that two of them are from that continent? Find out here who they are

Latin America: This is the panorama of the female soccer leagues

Some female leagues in Latin America have advanced in sports development, which could serve as an example for other countries in the region. However, they still have a lot of work ahead

Exclusive interview with Eligio Vento: A look at the life of a Paralympic athlete

Eligio Vento is a benchmark of the Venezuelan Paralympic sport that teaches the world how to enjoy staying on this planet

Real Madrid: Who are the players that could be integrated into the merengue team?

The president of Real Madrid is looking for a signing that covers the important absence left by the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo

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