World 2030: These are the challenges of Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay if they advance the election

The South American candidacy has agreed to request that the election be pursued as a strategy in its favor, will it work?

Is it more important to win the Champions League than the two local titles?

Barcelona has won the doublet, but the possibility of Madrid winning the European Cup has opened a global debate

Mexico is increasingly gringo in sports

Not only the economy and emigration unite Mexico and the United States

Can a Latin American win FIFA Ballon d'Or this year?

The virtues of the players Lionel Messi, James Rodríguez, Marcelo, Allison Becker and Roberto Firmino could grant them this award

Has the last tie of Mexico with the Conmebol been broken?

First the Sudamericana, then the Libertadores, now Mexico is without Copa América and no date of return

4 reasons to understand the hegemony of Juventus in Italy

The vecchia signora has just crowned its seventh consecutive scudetto, a figure that exceeds all the parameters of success

For the first time since 2008, this player does not leave the League as a champion

Ljubomir Fejsa has just lost a league title after 10 years playing in Serbia, Greece, and Portugal

What happened to Salvador Cabañas after the attack?

The Paraguayan striker was shot and that almost ended his life, but with his desire to live he scored a real goal to the difficulties

For the first time since 2013 there will be no Argentines in the Champions final

Of the 14 gauchos that reached the quarterfinals in this cup, none of them reached the most important club match, and Latin America will be represented by 3 Brazilians and 1 tico

What are the 4 reasons that have led to A.C. Milan to its decline?

The lack of sports projects, coupled with other factors, have made the 'rossoneros' not to give joy to their fans

Jaime Pabón: the Colombian who helped Mohamed Salah improve his technique on the courts

The Antioquian coach was a key player in improving the effectiveness of the Egyptian, who is furor in the Premier League and the european soccer


MLS and Chinese Super League: the lack of love between the show and the money

Why do the Chinese Super League and the MLS not improve their quality, even if they hire players with great experience and talent like Andrés Iniesta?

Nicaragua: The great exponent of baseball in Central America

This country currently has three jewels in the main payrolls of Major League Baseball

Why is Real Madrid vs Barcelona still the most important club game?

Regardless of the Spanish economy or the investment of other teams, El Clasico is still the match that even those who do not like football see

Why being a vegan is not a problem for being a high performance athlete?

Several elite athletes have opted for a diet free of animal foods

Interview: José Rujano prognosticates that "we will live the toughest Giro d'Italia in recent years"

The Venezuelan condor, third in the 2005 Giro, analyzed exclusively for LatinAmerican Post the event that starts this Friday in Jerusalem

Why the leader of the Giro d'Italia dresses in pink?

Behind each of the colors of the shirts, which use the outstanding runners of this competition, there is a historical significance

Why is "Checo" Pérez’s podium so important in F1?

Not only do pilots need a lot of talent to reach the premier category of motorsport, they also need enormous economic resources

Is the great season of Boca Juniors falling apart?

The 'Xeneize' club has collapsed and there is no certainty about its title in the Argentine league and its classification in Copa Libertadores

From Serena Williams to Carlos Vela: 10 players who do not enjoy the sport that made them famous

Despite being number 1 in their respective sports, several athletes have accepted that they hated their careers, to the point of waiting with longing for retirement

Which soccer teams do Latin American presidential candidates love?

Learn about the favorite clubs of the presidential contenders of Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, and Mexico

Real Madrid: Will it lose a Latin American player due to terrorism?

A promising Brazilian player could rethink his welcome to the club 'merengue' due to constant threats

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