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Artificial Intelligences that are Artists

Recently, the Art World was in an Uproar When News Broke that a man had Won a Painting Contest by Submitting Images Created by an Artificial Intelligence..

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Recently, the art world was in an uproar when news broke that a man had won a painting contest by submitting images created by an artificial intelligence.

This is Jason M. Allen, who won the Colorado State Fair Fine Arts Competition using an image originated by the artificial intelligence Midjourney. This is a tool that is capable of producing images from textual descriptions. Although the fact that he won was criticized by other artists who participated in the contest, two of the competition's judges said they would have voted the same way, even if Allen had admitted that he used artificial intelligence from the beginning.

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This made us wonder if there are other artificial intelligences that are currently capable of creating art. Next, we show you some of them.

DeepStory- Scripts

DeepStory is an artificial intelligence tool that is capable of generating scripted content from just a few lines of text. Although the process is not completely automatic, DeepStory can generate different types of written content, such as action, dialogue, character notes, and parentheses. For now, it may seem that the texts generated by Deep Story are a bit illogical, but many people use the tool to avoid the famous "writer's block" and to have new ideas.

Craiyon- Digital Imaging

Perhaps one of the most popular AIs right now is Craiyon. This artificial intelligence is capable of generating images from just a few words, or from a complete sentence. Craiyon was trained by viewing millions of images on the Internet, with their associated captions. He is able to understand some concepts and generate images from them with the images he has memorized. However, you can also generate new images by combining multiple different concepts at the same time.

NightCafe- Digital Images

One of the most popular imaging AIs is NightCafe. This tool allows the user to generate images from text, with an impressive variety of modifiers. For example, the user can specify that they want a cubist, surreal, or steampunk styled image. Although it is not completely free, NightCafe works with a credit system that is quite friendly to new users. The images generated by NightCafe legally belong to the user, who can do whatever he wants with them.

AIVA- Music

This is a different type of artificial intelligence than the ones we have talked about before, since AIVA is capable of generating music. The user only has to select his parameters, such as the genre of music and the emotion he is looking for. Artificial intelligence is then in charge of creating the music using algorithms based on more than 30,000 music samples. AIVA is a good tool for people who want to generate music samples for their personal projects, but beware, its free use is limited to non-commercial uses of music. This means that you cannot use AIVA music if you plan to sell it in any way.

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