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The New Terror of Instagram: Hundreds of Accounts Are Disappearing

​​Hundreds of users raise their voices after seeing that their Instagram profiles have disappeared. For now, there is no official statement about it, just a terrifying message indicating that their account has been suspended after the fall of Instagram.

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The morning of this Monday, October 31, began terrorizing hundreds of Instagram users as a farewell to the month of Halloween. Users of the Meta platform have complained on other social networks about their missing profiles. An account suspended notice for violating the community guidelines is what appears to them when they log in; As much as they have tried to appeal against this decision made by the platform, they only find a blank login.

Latin American countries such as: Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, and Mexico are not the only ones that have suffered this terror. In Spain, many users have also been reported on Twitter that the following message appears on their Instagram: "It is possible that the page has been deleted" when searching their profile, or with the message that they have 30 days to disagree with the decision made; however, they do not receive a solution.

From What Time Did the Instagram Glitch Start on October 31?

The first cases of the fall of Instagram reported in Spain were from 2:00 p.m., in Latin America some began to present failures before 7:00 a.m. This is an event similar to what WhatsApp users have experienced this year, an event also produced by Meta, coincidence?

What Is Happening with Instagram?

Twitter, as always, is the shoulder of many, because good humor does not let spirits fall, many make memes or comments that give a little hope to those affected by the Instagram social network.

Although there is no clear report on the fall of Instagram, the social network gave a statement through a tweet saying that they are aware that many users are “having problems accessing” their accounts. These cases have been indicated through the #instagramdown tag.

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Meta Solutions to the Fall of Instagram

It is expected that, before this happens, the fall of Instagram can be solved in its entirety and users can recover their accounts. This difficulty has already occurred. As described above, WhatsApp and other Meta applications like Facebook had a year full of platform failures, leaving many users incommunicado.

Does Wall Street Have Something to Do With It?

It is rumored that the possible fall of Instagram is due to the results of investments on Wall Street by the metaverse proposed by Meta, the results of this last quarter in the great stock market were not as expected. Mark Zuckerberg is betting without restraint on this project, but he is not leaving the sharks who invested happy.

Without messages or accounts, Instagram will have to face the consequences that are to come. This does not help at all the position in which it finds itself before the investors who believed in this whole process. For these moments, the Instagram social network has had a considerable drop in followers, and it is suspected that they are migrating to TikTok. Instagram has more than 1,500 million active users, but with this event… Is this the end of the platform? Or will it manage to regain the trust of its users and investors? It's not entirely clear, but if Meta keeps failing, that's probably the end of it, too.

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