Lula presidente 2018

El ex mandatario brasileño Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva afirmó este martes que está “preparado” y “dispuesto” a ser candidato presidencial en las elecciones de 2018

El escándalo en Brasil por la carne podrida

Brasil es el principal exportador de estos productos en el mundo. Su carne llega a 150 países, la mayoría de la Unión Europea y Asia. El sector representa el 7,2% de sus exportaciones

There’s hope in the Amazon

Equally important as reducing carbon emissions is preserving and restoring natural ecosystems such as the Amazon rainforest. 

The effects of teleworking

A report by the International Labour Organization found teleworking may seem easier but could disrupt people’s work-life balance.

How is cash aid used?

Cash transfer programs are meant to reduce poverty but their effectiveness depends on each country. 

Yellow fever outbreak in Brazil prompts a state of emergency

The governor of the Minas Gerais State in southeastern Brazil declared a public health emergency on Friday over an outbreak of yellow fever that appears to have killed at least 10 people so far and led to reports of more than 100 suspected cases of the disease.

Urban graffiti takes Brazilian streets

The graffiti is gaining more presence in Brazil, especially in Sao Paulo, a gray city that lends itself to colorful murals, but Rio de Janeiro does not stay back, where a couple of weeks ago opened the world's largest one, whose author is preparing a project Mexico City.

A new 'superport' opens in Brazil

An industrial complex the size of Manhattan opened this week, the man who envisioned it, Eike Batista, was notably absent in the inauguration.

Is this the end of the BRICS era?

It was an acronym that spawned a host of summits, a development bank and a $100bn bailout fund. But Goldman Sachs, once the most energetic sponsor of the “Bric” investment theme, has quietly stepped away from it

Is Latin America the happiest region on Earth?

What is the best country to live in? Which nation can boast the happiest people or the most generally satisfied population? What countries provide the highest standards of human development or social and environmental progress?

Carnivore continent; but at what price?

Most people are well aware of the beef production exploits of Argentina and Brazil. Indeed many visitors to either country make it a priority to sink their teeth into a locally-produced steak.