Latinas in the U.S. Prefer Tech Gifts for Mother’s Day

According to a Morning Consult study for Verizon, 40% of Latina mothers in the U.S. prefer receiving smartphones or smartwatches for Mother’s Day, a preference twice as high as other American moms.

In the United States, Latina mothers are showing a distinct preference for technology over traditional gifts such as jewelry or clothing for Mother’s Day. A recent study conducted by Morning Consult for Verizon reveals that while electronics are favored by 61% of Latina mothers, only 56% prefer jewelry, and another 56% opt for clothing. This trend marks a significant shift in gift-giving traditions and highlights the growing influence of technology in everyday life.

The study, which surveyed over 2,000 Americans including 1,100 Latinos and 846 Latina mothers and caregivers, indicates that smartphones and smartwatches are particularly popular, with 22% of Latina mothers hoping to receive a smartphone and 18% a smartwatch—rates much higher than the average among all mothers surveyed. This strong preference for tech gifts is driving major telecommunication companies like Verizon to offer targeted promotions and deals around Mother’s Day to tap into the Latino market in the U.S.

The report further highlights the pivotal role that technology plays in maintaining family connections within the Latino community. It notes that three out of four adult Latinos (75%) communicate with their maternal figures at least once a week, and over half of the Gen Z Latinos (52%) report calling their maternal figures daily. This is significantly higher compared to the broader U.S. population, where only 60% communicate with their maternal figures as frequently.

For many Latina mothers, smartphones are not just communication tools but integral to parenting and staying connected with family and friends. This utility has changed the way they use their phones, especially after having or caring for children, with 55% acknowledging a shift in their phone usage. Recognizing this, Verizon has launched new offers and discounts specifically targeting Latina mothers, featuring models like the iPhone 15 and Galaxy S24+.

Moreover, the survey reveals that Latina mothers are more likely to postpone purchasing a new smartphone model compared to other groups, making them a prime demographic for promotions around technology upgrades. Verizon’s targeted strategies aim to capitalize on this trend, enhancing the significance of Mother’s Day within the community by providing appealing offers on the latest gadgets.

Latina mothers also tend to use their phones extensively for taking photos and staying connected via video calls, emphasizing the need for fast and reliable data networks. Robyn Parks, Vice President of Local and Segment Marketing at Verizon, points out, “At Verizon, we understand that technology provides a vital connection between mothers and their loved ones. This is why we offer families the choice of technology and services that matter most to them.”

Additionally, the study found that Latinos in the U.S. are more likely to honor other maternal figures such as sisters, grandmothers, or aunts on Mother’s Day compared to the general American populace—54% versus 41%. This broader recognition reflects the strong familial bonds and the extended family structure prevalent in many Latino communities.

As technology becomes increasingly integrated into personal and family life, Latina mothers in the U.S. are at the forefront of this trend, choosing gadgets over more traditional gifts. This shift not only reflects changing consumer preferences but also underscores the importance of technology in enhancing and maintaining familial relationships. It illustrates a significant cultural adaptation where modern tools are woven into the fabric of family communications and celebrations, shaping how special occasions like Mother’s Day are commemorated in Latino households across the United States.

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