UK out of Mercosur/EU trade agreement

The president of the European Parliament Martin Schulz said that if finally a agreement is reached between the EU and Mercosur the UK will not benefit as a consequence of Brexit.

Brexit is here

Britain will go to the polls this Thursday to decide whether the UK should stay a member of the European Union this are its social and political possible outcomes.

EU and Mercosur exchanged market access offers

Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström and the Foreign Affairs Minister of Uruguay Rodolfo Nin Novoa exchanged EU and Mercosur offers on access to their respective markets of goods, services and establishment and government procurement.

Brexit, Falklands' economy and Argentina

If Britain finally leaves the European Union it might encourage Argentina to be more aggressive, according to Sukey Cameron, Falkland Islands government representative in London

The Schengen Agreement In Danger

Exclusion of Greece from the European free travel zone established by the Schengen Agreement is pending. The European Commission has ruled that if the deficiencies are not corrected, Greece may exclude from the agreement.

Mercosur/EU officials will assess trade talks in Brussels

Mercosur foreign ministers will be meeting in June with the European Union Trade Commissionaire Cecilia Malmstrom to 'assess' the current negotiations for a comprehensive trade and cooperation agreement. The meeting in Brussels will be on the sidelines of the EU-Celac.