Biden Administration Engages Hispanic Media Ahead of Elections

Senior officials from the Biden administration have urged Hispanic media in the U.S. to highlight the government’s achievements in supporting the Latino community amid electoral year noise and misinformation.

In a strategic move to bridge the gap between governmental actions and public awareness, senior officials from President Joe Biden’s administration convened with members of the National Association of Hispanic Publications (NAHP) at the White House this Wednesday. The meeting aimed to underscore the administration’s efforts to elevate the Latino community in the United States, particularly in the context of an election year rife with “noise” and “misinformation.”

Tom Pérez, Biden’s advisor and Director of the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs, expressed concern over the disconnect between the administration’s accomplishments and the public’s awareness of these achievements. Pérez, a high-ranking advisor, emphasized the critical role Hispanic media—predominantly Spanish-speaking—plays in conveying information about policies benefiting the Latino community through local outlets that reach into the heart of neighborhood bodegas and small shops.

Highlighting tangible benefits brought about by these policies, Pérez pointed out, “If your grandmother is only paying $25 for her insulin, very few people know that’s thanks to Joe Biden and the Inflation Reduction Act.” This example underscores the administration’s efforts to make healthcare more affordable, a significant concern for many in the Latino community.

Xavier Becerra, U.S. Secretary of Health, echoed Pérez’s sentiments, stressing the necessity of reaching Latinos nationwide, especially in areas underserved by mainstream media but where local Hispanic publications have a presence. “We need you to reach the communities where Latinos live across the country. Particularly in those places where the big media doesn’t reach, but you do,” Becerra said.

The NAHP, currently holding its legislative assembly in Washington, D.C., represents dozens of Hispanic and Spanish-language media outlets. Since its establishment in 1982, the association has amassed a combined circulation of over 23 million people across the United States, including many in key electoral states.

The meeting also included other notable figures such as Elizabeth de León, Deputy Secretary for Administration at the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD); Kirabo Jackson from Biden’s economic team; and Eric Morrisette, acting Under Secretary of Commerce and Economic Development for Minorities. These officials highlighted various issues critical to Hispanic audiences, including health, housing, inflation, wages, and the development of small businesses.

Morrisette emphasized the administration’s commitment to economic inclusion: “Our responsibility is to reach everyone in the country and help create wealth for Hispanic communities, for Black communities, and for all those who have been disadvantaged nationwide.” He reminded attendees that Latinos could benefit from entrepreneurship financing programs, pointing to broader efforts to bolster economic equity.

De León addressed ongoing challenges in housing discrimination and the barriers that many in the Latino community face when trying to purchase homes. This recognition of persistent inequality underscores the administration’s focus on improving housing accessibility and affordability for minorities.

Jackson tackled the critical issue of inflation, noting that, contrary to widespread concerns, wages for Hispanics are rising by about 4%—above the national average and inflation rates—thanks to policies implemented by this administration.

As the electoral year progresses, the Biden administration’s outreach to Hispanic media highlights a strategic approach to ensure that Latino communities are informed and engaged. By leveraging the trusted voices of local Hispanic media, the administration hopes to cut through the electoral noise, combat misinformation, and make a compelling case for the impactful policies it has implemented to uplift an increasingly influential demographic in American politics.

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