Protests over Morales expose divisions among Bolivians

Some fear Evo Morales will try to seek a fourth, unconstitutional presidential term in 2019, after a referendum on changing the constitution to enable President Evo Morales to seek a fourth re-election, where the "No" vote won by a small margin

Evo Morales abre su propio museo

Se llama Museo de la Revolución Democrática y Cultural, pero la oposición política lo ha bautizada como "museo de Evo", y ha cuestionado la obra por su costo y ostentación.

The rise of new leaders against Morales

The governor of Bolivia’s La Paz province, Felix Patzi, said that no alternative political force to the party of President Morales exists at present, but predicted the rise of a new leadership capable of unifying a political organization to challenge him.

The Silala River International Waterway problem

Chile uses water from the river to supply mine operations and some northern towns. Bolivia contends the Silala River, located in the southwestern region of Potosi, originates in springs that ultimately flow into Chile.

Bolivia Modified its Justice System

The president of Bolivia, called it a historic event the entry into force of the new Civil and Family Procedural Code that will revolutionize the justice system and was elaborated by the Bolivians, without foreign interference.

Bolivia's Morales fisrt dacede

Bolivian President Evo Morales, the country's first indigenous head of state, held an ancient ceremony Thursday to mark a record-setting 10 years in office -- a term he is now seeking to extend to 2025.

Bolivia's Fire-Proof President

Evo is still overwhelmingly popular, including among the indigenous people from whom he has sprung. Their conditions of life have improved dramatically since he first took office in 2006