We prefer to stay ignorant

A study published in Psychological reviews shows people prefer not to learn what’s ahead, especially when there are negative possibilities.

5 ways to stop worrying about your future

The following five steps are an introduction to investing in inner insurance. They will get you started on the right path for developing the healthiest mentality possible for the future.

Why has LatAm adopted the Bitcoin?

Amid economic uncertainty, LatAm found some security in the Bitcoin as its use rose 1,747% during 2015. Why is the region so eager to get into cryptocurrencies?

Future of lung treatment

Malaysian scientists are joining forces with Harvard University experts to help revolutionize the treatment of lung diseases with the delivery of nanomedicine into places otherwise impossible to reach.

Cyborg roses wired with self-growing circuits

Scientists have created a kind of cyborg flower: living roses with tiny electronic circuits threaded through their vascular systems. The miniscule electronic polymers are inserted into the plant, then almost magically self-assemble thanks to the rose's internal structure.

Mutilated toucan gets 3D-printed beak

In a ground-breaking project, a Brazilian toucan which lost the upper part of its beak while being trafficked has been fitted with a prosthesis made with a 3D printer

New Design Unveiled for Autonomous Flying Car

There’s no doubt that the 21st century has brought many instances of radical technological change. But doesn’t it seem like the coolest retro-future ideas from those 1950s science expos never materialized? Where are the jet packs, the lunar shuttles, the flying cars?