City of Women built by displaced Colombian women

The neighborhood was founded and built entirely by women fleeing Colombia’s violence. And while men do live here, it’s the women who hold the property titles, call the shots and keep the neighborhood thriving.

US gun control laws and Mexico's criminal violence

Mexico's foreign minister has blamed lax US gun control laws for the flood of illegal weapons into the country, in an unusually frank assessment of the impact of US domestic policy on violence and organized crime in Mexico.

Violent video games and guilt

New study suggests that the moral response produced by the initial exposure to a video game decreases as experience with the game develops.

Cuba: A country free from violent crime?

Famed for its classic cars, ice-cold mojito cocktails and diverse history, Cuba is now also making headlines for a very different reason. In fact, the island is renowned for its incredibly low levels of violent crime.

Brutal murders show violence women face in Latin America

Statistics are incomplete and inconsistently kept across the region. But where they are available, they are startling: Domestic violence kills nearly one woman a day in Argentina, more than five a day in Mexico and 15 a day in Brazil, for example. The issue has surged to the surface in Argentina, where a recent series of gruesome killings has raised new alarm.