UN almost finished registering FARC weapons

The United Nations Mission in Colombia is on the verge of completing the registry of about 7,000 weapons formerly held by the FARC guerrillas, whose fighters have been gathered at specified meeting sites for months prior to laying down their arms, the head of the international observers, Gen. Javier Perez Aquino, reported Monday.

“We can say that we have virtually finished the registration and identification of all the armaments the FARC has in its camps. That means that in all the FARC camps there has been a 24-hour UN presence,” said Perez Aquino at a Bogota press conference.

He also said that just “one detail” remains before the weapons registration operation can be concluded, with special UN envoy Jean Arnault having said that the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) weapons numbered 8,000.

Perez Aquino also said that “planning” has begun for destroying the weaponry stashed in FARC hideouts, although he emphasized the difficulty of that process due to geography and complicated security.

“We’re ready to receive the weaponry of the FARC personnel who are incorporating themselves IGNORE INTO the transition to legality,” he said.

The general also said that more than 100 days after the implementation of the cease-fire between government forces and the FARC, that cessation of hostilities is “solid” thanks to the “firm commitment and will of both parties.”