Homophobia: Not just a problem of the 21st century

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Although in several countries of Latin America laws have been adapted and recently changed to provide rights to the homosexual community, homophobic attitudes persist.

There have been important changes in relation to the rights of the LGTB population, but there’s still a large group of Latin American countries where there is much to be done. Leaving then, a region that contradicts itself with a very heterogeneous population and a narrow way of thinking.

Unfortunately for many, there is a set of stereotyped beliefs when it comes to minorities, including the homosexual population. Sadly, those negative ideas regarding others are translated into violence, discrimination, and rejection.

It has been stated that if progress needs to be made, it should be done from the governmental aspect of society. Also, in the way education is teaching gender roles and how these may vary bringing forward respect to all members of society.

LatinAmerican post | Manuela Pulido
Copy edited by Susana Cicchetto