Who are the best Latin American tattoo artists today?

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From Mexico to Argentina, these artists exhibit some of the best designs of skin art of the continent

Who are the best Latin American tattoo artists today?

Tattoos are fashionable, and as a practice, they have been present in many cultures. Tattoos are design, a form of communication, an art of the body that will permanently remain on the skin of each person. Some prefer their tattoos small and black, others large and colorful, and the truth is that today there are more and more young people and adults who tattoo designs.

Whether they are celebrities, athletes, politicians, when men and women of all ages and occupations decide on a particular design to their liking and the search begins. But who can they trust with this job of tattooing our body?

Here is a list of the most recognized tattoo artists in Latin America:

Argentina: Mariano Antonio is the artists' favorite tattoo artist. With more than 20 years of experience, Mariano has become famous for tattooing a large number of celebrities. His shop began in a small gallery in Las Vegas and today boasts its great pride "American Tatoo" located in the heart of Argentina, Buenos Aires.

Colombia: Stephania Cuervo is a Colombian artist, one of the referents in Latin American skin art. Her specialty is tattoos with geometric lines, mainly in black and white.

Chile: Adrián Bascur is the Chilean selected by Ink on Sky, as the best referent in tattoos. His most recognized style is the technique of watercolor with many colors, which gives life to various animals, geometric figures and so on.

Mexico: Christian Castañeda is a visual artist who is characterized by simple, linear designs and the result is very appealing by his Mexican audience today.


After Tattoo Care

Getting a tattoo can be very painful for some people. It is an injury that is exposed and therefore needs great care. The most important part is, above all, hygiene. Clean the surface of the tattoo at least 3 times a day with neutral soap and application of solid petroleum jelly. Another recommendation is not exposing the tattoo to direct sunlight. Getting a tattoo today is not complicated, there are all prices and for that reason you have to try to check where it will be done and that hygiene standards are in sight: look mainly for clean, sterilized, and new instruments.


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Copy edited by Laura Rocha Rueda